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1/48 P-61A "Black Widow" model kit

Product # L4802

Product  Article by Yu Lin on Nov 7 2011


This is the formal reply for the Nose problem happened recently:

1.The Clease Short Nose shown in the reviews is not the part of L4802. The reason we use this part is to show the inner structure of the nose in the review.

2. The Short noses use the mould together with the clear part square. The review samples is produced by the mould factory and they use the clear plastic all for all the mould, so the nose is clear. When we produced the formal L4802 kit in our own factory, because our factory ahve the ability to use different plastic in one square when injection moulding, according to the history set of L4802, we injected the grey plastic in the nose part and clear plastic for the clear part in the same mould in the same mould at same time.

3. According to the box art and instruction / paint guide of L4802, we indicate clearly that it is the version of Early P61A used in WWII European zone. In the history, It is true that the plane had not a Clear Nose. And we did not give the paint guide for a P61A with Clear Nose.  You can see the kit in your hand

4. It is our mistake that we but the Long Plastic Grey Nose in L4802, which should be used in P61B (The kit will be coming in future several months). We guarantee to provide the correct Short Plastic Grey Nose freely to every customer bought the kit and sorry for for the mistake. The agents and sellers will send it soon.

5. The Clear Short Nose will be used in our future new kit:

L4806 P-61A Black Widow "Glass Nose"


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As our schedule, the kit will be coming in Dec, 2011. It is a version of early P61A used in WWII Pacific Zone and have some other special factors except the nose. Please see the attached pictures.

Now, in order to show our trustment and sincerity to solve the accident, we decide to provide the clear nose freely for all the kits sold already, including the stock in sellers hand and all the customers bought the kit ONLY. It is as a Bonus for the first batch.

Please note all the L4802 remainder in our stock now and future producing will NOT have the clear nose.

We are sorry for the accident again and hope the problem is solved smoothly.

Thank you very much for your support.

B.rgds. from Lionroar model kits

Yu Lin

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Photos and text by Yu Lin