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The Modern Super Hornet Guide: The Boeing F-18E/F & EA-18G Exposed

Product # RAP08 for $39.95

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 30 2011


Reid Air Publications is well known among modelers world wide for their fantastic aviation books that cater to the specific needs of scale modelers as well as anyone else with a passion for modern aircraft.  Each of their books focuses on one specific aircraft and is loaded with a huge number of photos show that aircraft in wonderful full color detail. 

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This book includes nearly 1,000 (969 to be exact) color images spread over 168 pages illustrate the definitive resource material on the US Navy's premier strike aircraft.  Like any other Modern Guide Series book, no area of the jet is left unexamined. Covers F-18E/F models, as well as the new EA-18G Growler!! Includes airframe history, active Super Hornet squadrons, Airwing work-ups, carrier operations, and a LOT more.  168 pages, softbound

This is "THE" book to get if you are a scale modeler interested in a comprehensive book devoted to F-18E/F & EA-18G or for anyone with a passion for this jet.  

You can purchase this and other aviation publications directly from Reid Air Publications.  They have an ever growing selection of books that each focuses on a  different modern jet with  a large selection of photos geared towards modelers with a passion for getting all the detail right.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford