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1/72 Supermarine Attacker FB.1/FB.2 model kit

Product # CMR72-5106

Product Article by CMR Models on Dec 28 2012



Supermarine Attacker FB.1/FB.2 Single-Seat Naval Jet Fighter Bomber Aircraft model kit from Czech Master Resin.


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Colour Schemes Included 

  • Supermarine Attacker FB.1 - WA531 '102/J', 800 Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1952 

  • Supermarine Attacker FB.1 - R4032 Pakistan Air Force 

  • Supermarine Attacker FB.2 - WK327 '108/J', 800 Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1954 

  • Supermarine Attacker FB.2 - WZ283 '810/ST', 1831 Squadron, RNVR, Stretton, Cheshire, 1955 

Items Included 

  • Complete Airframe

  • Optional 'Belly' Fuel Tank

  • Cockpit Canopy (2 types) - 'Framed' and 'Frameless'

  • Detailed Cockpit Interior

  • 25lb Rocket Projectiles + Launcher Rails

  • 1,000lb H.E.M.C. 'Freefall' Bombs

  • NOTE In addition to FB.1/FB.2 Tail Fin, early-style F.1 Tail Fin included for conversion purposes

  • Assembly and Painting Instructions

  • Decal Set

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