Two Mikes Resin

1/32 Scale F-15 A/B/C/D/J/DJ Corrected Exhaust Nozzles

Product # 32-014 for $37.50

Product Article by Terry Sumner on Dec 20 2012



Here are the new resin 1/32 scale F-15A/B/C/D/J/DJ Corrected Exhaust Nozzles for the Tamiya kit. The kit nozzles are too long and these beautifully molded nozzles correct that oversight. 

Here are the contents of the box. 4 parts to make up the main sections of the nozzles and 3 frets of 10 each actuators.


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Here is a photo comparing the kit nozzle on the left with TwoMikes resin nozzle on the right. The difference in length is easily discernable here…

Here is a photo comparing the other part of the nozzle to the kit part. In this photo, Twomikes is on the left. On the right is the kit part with the 2 sections already assembled from my own F-15 kit.

The full color instruction sheet includes a half-dozen closeup photos of 1:1 nozzles to aid you in your construction and weathering efforts. 

Our thanks to TwoMikes for the samples. 

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Terry Sumner


Photos and text © by Terry Sumner