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1/72 Hunting Percival Provost T.1/51/52 model kit

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Hunting Percival Provost T.1/51/52 Twin-Seat Training Aircraft model kit from Czech Master Resin.

For Information:
The Provost was a single-engine basic trainer designed in late 1940s by Hunting Percival to Air Ministry specification T.16/48. It was a low-wing monoplane with a fixed tailwheel undercarriage. It had two-seats side-by-side with dual controls and a sliding canopy. The production aircraft, of which some 460 had been completed by 1956, were powered by the Alvis Leonides 25 radial piston engine.

The Provost entered service with the RAF in 1953 with the Central Flying Schools. The aircraft served with the RAF until the early 1960s, when it was replaced by the Jet Provost. The piston-Provost was also exported, with the first order placed by Southern Rhodesia, while a number of aeroplanes were also obtained by Ireland, Burma, Sudan, Oman and Malaysia. 

This full resin kit contains 43 parts, including various external stores, vacu canopy (a spare set is included for modeller's convenience), four clear parts and two photo-etched frets (one coloured one). The decal sheet also includes a full set of stencils, for which placement on the kit a detailed diagram is included in the highly-detailed instruction leaflet.


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Colour Schemes Included 

  • Hunting Percival Provost T.1 - WV605 'V-O', No.6 Flying Training School, RAF Ternhill, 1954 

  • Hunting Percival Provost T.1 - WV614 A&AEE, Boscombe Down, October 1954 

  • Hunting Percival Provost T.1 - WV441 'N-Y', No.7 Flying Training School, RAF Valley, 1956 

  • Hunting Percival Provost T.51 - FM1038 '38', Royal Malaysian Air Force, 1964 

  • Hunting Percival Provost T.52 - R3163 Rhodesian Air Force, 1967 

*Please Note: Colour scheme information diagrams supplied with the model are only printed in 'Black and White'

Items Included 

  • Complete Airframe

  • Highly Detailed Cockpit Interior - Including Painted 'Photo-Etch' Instrument Panels, Seat Harness, etc.

  • Cockpit Canopy Glazing - Can be displayed 'Open' or 'Closed'

  • 'Main Flaps' - Can be displayed 'Lowered' or 'Fully Retracted'

  • Detailed Undercarriage

  • Painted 'Photo-Etch' Detailing Set - includes: Instrument Panels, Seat Harness, Control Surface Horns, Wipers, etc.

  • 'Photo-Etch' Detailing Set - includes: Aerials, Undercarriage, Bomb Fins, Alignment Jig, etc.

  • Three-Bladed Propeller - includes: individually moulded Propeller Blades for greater detail

  • Optional? Cannons and Bombs - Note: for A&AEE, Boscombe Down scheme only - 'Weapons Trials'

  • Assembly and Painting Instructions - includes individual numbered 'Resin' parts diagram

  • Comprehensive Decal Set - including full airframe stenciling

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