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1/48 C-2A Greyhound decal sheet

Product # ZTZ48/043 for $30

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 13 2013



This new decal sheet from Zotz Decals includes markings for five different 1/48 C-2A Greyhounds with a variety of tail markings.  

Zotz decals would like to give a deep thank you to Mike Wilson and Fotios Rouch for all their help on this decal sheet. 

The aircraft the following:

  • C-2A, 162161, NK/24, VRC-30 Det-1, August 2002/2003

  • C-2A, 162162, NE/22, VRC-30 Det-2, October 2002 Constellation detachment with sharks mouth on nose and artwork on the side of the fuselage of 2 palm trees on a tropical island..

  • C-2A, 162150, NF/430, VRC-30 Det-5, December 2004 at NAF Atsugi, Japan.

  • C-2A, 162174, --/56, VRC-40 Det-4

  • C-2A, ------, --/631, VAW-120 with black flame job painted on the nose.


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The 4 pages of instructions are clear and include at least 1 color view of each aircraft.  The eye catching part of the C-2A Greyhounds on this decal sheet is the colorful tails....such bright colors.

It's wonderful to see such a selection of colorful markings for the C-2A Greyhounds in 1/48 scale.

You can order this decal sheet from the Zotz Decals website.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford