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1/48 HH-65C Dolphin Tail Fin and Radome conversion set

Product # FMR-003 for Trumpeter kit

Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 30 2013



This conversion set from Fireball Modelworks permits you to upgrade the Tail fin and radome on the HH-65A Dolphin to a HH-65C Dolphin using the 1/48 Trumpeter kit. 

This resin and photo etch set includes:

  • Vac-u-formed radome (nose)

  • 2 Pitot tubes

  • Rotor Hud Caps 

  • Tail fin and fan shroud

  • Photo etch tail fan

The instructions are clear and include 7 photos as well as detailed text explaining the conversion process.

This is a very complete conversion set and ideal i you want to convert the Trumpeter to the HH-65A Dolphin to a HH-65C Dolphin.   It can also be used to correct the Trumpeter kit to more accurately represent the earlier versions.

You can buy this conversion set directly from Fireball Modelworks.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford