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1/72 T-33 Canada 2 Tone Grey "CF-18 Scheme" decal sheet

Product # 7284

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 6 2013


This decal sheet from Leading Edge Models includes markings for 8 different T-33's in the Canada 2 Tone Grey "CF-18 Scheme".  The Squadrons included on this decal sheet are the following:

  • VU32 Squadron

  • 414 Squadron

  • VU33 Squadron

  • 434 Squadron

  • 439 Squadron

  • 417 Squadron

You also get special markings for the 50th Anniversary of the T-33 in Canadian service.  This decal sheet is also available in 1/48 scale.

The instructions are clear and full of helpful information.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheets.  One complete set of stencils is included on this decal sheet.

Seeing the T-33 in the CF-18 paint scheme is a special thing as it does update the jet into the modern paint schemes.

I would like to thank Leading Edge Models for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford