1/72 F-35 Lightning II model kit

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Product Article by Mike Hazlewood on Dec 20 2013



This is the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter by Italeri. This is not a rehash of their older X-35 JSF kit, but a completely new mold. Parts come on 3 sprues (2 grey and 1 clear). The clear sprue is bagged separately, but is inserted into the larger bag holding the remaining parts. All of the parts in my example were crisply and completely molded in Italeri's grey plastic, albeit with a slightly pebbly texture on the surface. A suite of weapons: 2 each AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles and GBU-31 JDAM bombs is included, as is a nicely represented F135 engine.


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Markings for 3 USAF test jets are included, as are roundels for British, Italian, Belgian and Netherlands aircraft. Decals are printed by Zanchetti Buccinasco.

I've included a shot of the older X-35 sprues for comparison.

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Photos and text by Mike Hazlewood