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1/72 Brewster Model 339E "Buffalo" Mk.I + vacu canopy + decal

Product # C72048 for Hasegawa kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Mar 24 2017



This latest release from Pavla Models features resin cockpit parts and a vacuformed canopy and decals for the Brewster Model 339E "Buffalo" Mk.I from Hasegawa.  

This detail set includes;

  • cockpit floor and pilot seat with seatbelts

  • cockpit side walls

  • instrument panel and gun sight

  • control stick

  • main gear oleo

  • prop spinner hub

  • A one piece Vacuformed canopy

  • Separated canopy for an open canopy

  • Decal sheets for 4 Brewster Model 339E "Buffalo" Mk.I aircraft (RAF, RAAF, Fleet Air Arm)

The decals are for the following 4 aircraft:

  • Brewster 339B (Ex Belgian) AX810, No.805 Squadron Fleet Air Arm, Delheila, Egypt, May 1941.  With nose art.

  • Brewster 339E Buffalo Mk I W8137, No.243 Squadron RAF, Kalang, Singapore, December 1941, pilot Sgt Rex Weber, 1 confirmed victory.  With nose art.

  • Brewster Buffalo Mk I AN213, No.453 Squadron RAAF, Sembavang, Singapore, November 1941, pilot Sq/Ldr W.E. "Shadow" Harper.  He claimed only 2 confirmed victories in Europe. Rex Weber, plane has 6 German kill symbols

  • Brewster Buffalo Mk I AN172, No.21 Squadron RAAF, Sungel Patani, Malaya,  late November 1941, pilot F/Lt J.R. Kinnimont, 4 Victories.  With nose art.

This is a very interesting set.  You get plenty of cockpit detailing plus a choice of 2 canopies and decals for 4 aircraft with interesting markings and stories.  All in all a very good set.

You can purchase this and other fine resin detail items directly from Pavla Models or from the many retailers that carry their products.  

Steve Bamford

Photos and text by Steve Bamford