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1/72 SwAF Seaplanes T 2, T 24, TP 47 decal sheet

Product # mmd7211

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 9 2014



This new decal sheet from Maestro Models Conversions features markings for 16 different aircraft and 3 different seaplanes / floatplanes types flown by Sweden during WW2.

The aircraft featured on this decal sheet include:

  • T2 (Heinkel He 115A-2) 12 aircraft

  • Tp 24 (Dornier Do 24) 1 aircraft

  • Tp 47 (Canso amphibians - Consolidated PBY Catalina built in Canada) 3 aircraft


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Sweden had a very interesting history flying these 3 different aircraft types and this decal sheet gives you the national insignia and serial numbers to build a selection of the 16 aircraft.  

The instructions are clear and include color images to help you with decal placement.  

There is something about floatplanes and seaplanes that captures the imagination.  The He 115's flown by Sweden were delivered pre-war, the Dornier Do 24 landed in Sweden in Oct 1944 and was bought a few months later by Sweden.  The Dornier Do 24 has always fascinated me with it's 3 engine design.  The 3 PBY are actually Canso amphibians, built by Canadian-Vickers that were bought by the Swedish Air Force in 1947.  

So as you can see you get quite the variety of aircraft types on this one decal sheet giving you some very eye catching options for these 3 aircraft types.

I would like to thank Maestro Models Conversions for sending me this product sample.

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Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford