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1/35 US Navy HA(L)-3 Seawolves decal sheet

Product # FMD-03-35

Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 15 2014



These ALPS-Printed decals from Fireball Modelworks are a very limited edition.  This set includes emblems and markings that allow the modeler to build almost any Seawolf helicopter.  Since there were so many variations among the Seawolves, the emphasis on this set is not on any particularly aircraft (though four different subjects are illustrated)  The various numbers, letters, and emblems help you build a Seawolf model as unique as the real thing.

This decal sheet gives you an array of numbers and markings to make the Seawolf helicopter of your choice.  This sheet is also available in 1/48, 1/24 and 1/72 scale.

You can buy this decal sheet directly from Fireball Modelworks.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford