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1/72 Final Flight Over The Balkans decal sheet

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Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Feb 25 2015



This decal sheet from Balkan Models includes markings for 5 different 1/72 jets including the F-117 that was shot down in 1999 and 4 other jets that were either shot down or damaged in combat sorties over the Balkans.  

At the end of the 20th century conflicts between different ethnic groups and nationalities united under Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia lead to the boiling point. NATO as a main military power in the region intervened with man, equipment and resources. The main goal was to resolve religious and political conflicts without causalities and material damage. Airpower played a significant part in resolving conflicts between different sides. In the line of duty many aircraft were hit or damaged by Serbian air defence. Decal set Final flight over the Balkans cover five NATO aircraft that were downed or damaged in Yugoslav wars, a series of wars fought in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The 5 aircraft include: 

  • F-16C, Block 40D, #88-0550, USAF 555th FS, Aviano AB, pilot Lt. Col David Goldfein, 1999

  • F-16C, Block 40E, #89-2032, USAF 555th FS, Aviano AB, pilot Capt. Scott O’Grady, 1995

  • Harrier FRS1, #XZ498/001/R,801 NAS RN, HMS Ark Royal, pilot Lt. N. Richardson

  • OA-10A- Thunderbolt II, #81-0967, USAF, 47th FS, 23rd wing ”Flying Tigers”, Pope AB, North Carolina,1999 

  • F-117A, #82-0806, USAF, 7th FS, 49th wing ”Screamin’ Demons”,pilot Capt. Ken ”Wiz” Dwelle, Holoman AB, Texas,1999

This sheet brings to life the 5 exciting stores of the 5 NATO aircraft that suffered battle damage and loss during the Balkan conflict. 

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Steve Bamford

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