Masking canopies with Scotch Tape

Tools 'n' Tips Article by David Rapasi

Make your own canopy masks.


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Photo #1

Place a piece of "Scotch Matte Finish Magic Tape" on the canopy.

Photo #2

Cut lightly along the edge of the frame at a 80 degree angle to the surface using a #11 blade. Then remove the tape that covered the frames.

On compound curved glass cut slits in the edge of the tape from underneath to make it follow the curves of the glass.

Photo #3

Tape the inside of the canopy with masking tape.

Photo #4

Paint the frame area with the cockpit interior color first. This will make the inside of the canopy frame the same color as the interior.

Photo #5

Paint over the interior color with silver, this will make the frame opaque and keep light from shining through the paint.

Photo #6

Paint over the silver paint with the exterior color. After drying, tack glue the canopy on the aircraft to finish the weathering.

Photo #7

Lift the tape corner of each pane with the tip of a #11 blade, then remove the tape with a pair of tweezers.

After the paint has thoroughly dried, use a piece of Scotch Tape to remove any remnants of glue that may have stuck to the glass.

I hope you find this helpful.

David Rapasi

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Photos and text by David Rapasi