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Friday,   Jan 29  2010 
Jorge Bonilla starts today with his late war 1/48 Tamiya Me-262.  Jorge gave his 262 a baremetal finish as it appeared when it was captured by the Allies.  Beautiful job Jorge.   

Jean-Charles Goddet joins us from France with his beautifully done 1/72 Hasegawa AH-64A Apache.  This particular AH-64 served in Iraq and Jean-Charles tells the whole story in his article. 

Zenden Ng has been busy getting the details right on his 1/72 Matchbox MIG-21 MF.  Zenden did some scratchbuilding and grabbed missiles from another kit before adding weathering and finishing this MiG in Egyptian markings.  It ended up looking excellent in this camo scheme. 

Wally Civitico  is here with something you won't see very often if ever.  This is his 1/48 Monogram C-47 in the colors for a Papua New Guinea airline.  Wally made the decals himself with great success....a cool looking C-47. 

I have a product article for the new 1/72 Dauntless Engine from QuickBoost.

I have a product article for the new 1/32 F-105 Landing Gear Set from Scale Aircraft Conversions

Sinuhe Hahn is here with a product article for the new Jagdwaffe over Africa Part 1 book from Kagero Publishers  Product Article by 

Thursday,   Jan 28  2010 
Denis Podgorniy is back today with more of his amazing artwork.  This is his He 70F-2 Artwork. 

John "Johnopfor" Lanning has done a marvelous job building and finishing his baremetal 1/72 Hasegawa B-25J Mitchell.  John chose the finish his B-25 in Chilean Air Force markings and he tells the whole story of these B-25's in his article.

Armin KNES  is here with another of his Russian beauties.  Armin did plenty of extra sctatch building on his 1/48 OZE Suchoi Su-39 to make it into the prototype.  I love the camo paint on this Su-39. 

David Rapasi has done an impressive job finishing his  1/32 Hasegawa FW 190A-5.  David chose to finsih his 190 in the markings for Major Herman Graf's FW190 A-5 in Bordeaux, France, April 1943.

I have a preview for the new 1/32 F-15S Khamis Mushait Eagles decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation GraphicsThis is the first decal sheet ever produced in 1/32nd scale of the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15S Strike Eagle!  You get enough options for eight different aircraft with complete stencil data for one aircraft.

I have a product article for the new 1/32 Sorbitsya Pods for the Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35 Flanker from Zactomodels.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 He-111 Gun Barrels from QuickBoost.

Wednesday,   Jan 27  2010

  Russia - End of Leningrad blockade  (1944) 

Orlando Sucre Rosales is having his 50th birthday today and what better way to start this special day than to have his 1/72 Italeri Mirage 2000BG begin the update.  This is his beautifully finished Greek Mirage 2000 and his article is full of helpful facts if you are building this kit.   Happy Birthday Orlando!!

Gabriel Stern is here with his 100th article on ARC today.  This is his 1/72 Execuform Clark GA-43 vacuform done to his usually high standard with full interior and a flawless multi-panel bare metal finish.  I love the look of this classic airliner.

Lyle Brown joins us today with his drawing he calls "Hawk Delivery".  It is a treat to see this one......thanks Lyle. 

Guillermo Fabian joins us from Avila in Spain with his 1/48 Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat.  Guillermo used some aftermarket figures and a carrier deck to create a diorama for his WW2 fighter that was flown by an American Ace.  This Hellcat looks perfect and it is an pleasure to see it on ARC.

I have a preview for the new 1/48 F-16A/C/D Press to Test Vipers decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation GraphicsThe ACAT Auto-Collision test aircraft as well as two of the AFFTC photo/safety chase aircraft are represented on this sheet. The F-16D is a Block 50 jet while the orange/white aircraft are single seat, Block 15OCU and Block 25 aircraft.

I have a product article for the 1/72 Adversary Bad Cats F-14A's NSAWC & Topgun decal sheet from Fightertown Decals.  This decal sheet includes markings for 10 different 1/72 F-14A's with NSAWC & Topgun.  You get a huge selection of  Adversary Bad Cats F-14A camo schemes.

I have a product article for the 1/72 P-38J Propellers from QuickBoost.

Tuesday,    Jan 26  2010

Australia Day

India Republic Day

Hot Babe of the Week photos from Twobobs is courtesy of Todd Pearson. Todd was an Eagle driver over at MO and and provided references to us when we kicked out our Mountain Home Eagle sheet. Thanks for the pics Todd.

Irwin Brown is here to mark Australia Day with his 1/48 Academy RAAF F-111C.  Irwin extensively reworked his Aussie F-111 including doing the Fowler flaps and much, much more.  The finished model is a beauty and a testament to Irwin's persistence.  Very nicely done Irwin and I'm pleased to see it on ARC.

Leonard Prakasam joins us today on India Republic Day with his 1/72 Revell SEPECAT Jaguar IM.   Leonard gave his Jaguar a full weapons load and finished it in Indian markings with decals from Mike Grant Decals.  Jai Hind. Leonard.

Wally Civitico is here on Australia Day with his 1/48 Monogram DC-3.  Wally finished his DC-3 with homemade markings for MMA, which was a West Australian airline.  Looking good Wally.

Leonard Prakasam has done a wonderful job on his 1/72 Hasegawa Mig-23MF.  Leonard finished his MiG-23 in IAF markings using home made decals in a camo scheme worn by Indian Air Force Mig-23's.  Very nicely done Leonard.

I have a product article for the new 1/72  F-117A Nighthawk cockpit set from Aires.

Here is a product article for the new 1/72 de Haviland Vampire F Mk 1 model kit from Czech Master Resin - CMR Models.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 SAAB JA37 Viggen cockpit detail set by Maestro Models Conversions and available from Rebell Hobby.

Monday,    Jan 25  2010 
This weeks Twobobs Newsletter is up.  Good news....all the 1/48 Buckeye kits have been mailed to all who ordered them.  Big new regarding decals as some previously sold out sheets were found at the Twobobs decal storage vault..including 48-001 F-16C Fighting Fulcrums...these sheets are listed in the news letter. Get 'em while you can.

Eduardo Natal has added plenty of aftermarket detail to his amazing 1/48 Academy F-22A Raptor.  Eduardo added photo etch and resin to his F-22 to raise the detail to a whole new level, then he finished it in custom mixed paints to get that perfect F-22 look and finally finished it all off with some delicate weathering. 

Orlando Sucre Rosales joins us from warm Caracas, Venezuela with the third of his article about building the older Airfix kits.  Orlando build his 1/72 Airfix Mitsubishi Zero out of the box but dressed it up with one of his carefully done paint jobs with paint chipping and weathering.  A very nice looking Zero and proof these older kits can be built into very nice looking models.

Jens Lingier has done a wonderful job on his 1/72 Hobby Boss Mi-24V Hind.  Jens finished his Hind with a full weapons load in the camo and markings of the Iraqi Air Force.  It looks excellent Jens.

Rafi Ben-Shahar joins us with his kit bashed 1/48 Trumpeter Sea Fury FB.II.  Rafi decided to combine the best of the Hobbycraft and Trumpeter kits with some old school modelling skills to create a very well done Sea Fury. This is the hard way to build a Sea Fury, but the finished model is well worth the effort.

Nick Moore is here with a product article for the 1/48 MD-3 Navy Tractor with 3 figures from Skunkmodels Workshop and available from Luckymodel.com

I have a product article for the new 1/72 F-16 Pitot Tube & AOA Probe set Type 1 from Hobby Decal.

I have a product article for the new 1/32 F-105 Thunderchief  Ejection Seat with Safety Belts from QuickBoost.

Friday,   Jan 22  2010 
Yiming Jin is here on ARC for the first time today.  This 1/48 Tamiya F-16C USAF "Thunderbirds" is posed as an in-flight model with certain critical changes which are mentioned in the article.  I am honoured to welcome Yiming Jin to ARC and I look forward to seeing more of Yiming Jin's models on ARC in the future.  This is a beautifully finished F-16.

Jorge Bonilla is one of the talented modellers from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico. and today he joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya Fw190-D9.  Jorge finished his 190 in the colours of the airfield defenders with the red and white underside.  Jorge built his 190 mostly OOTB with only the addition of photo etch seatbelts.

Sertac Bayar is one of the many modellers from Turkey that is a regular on ARC.  This is Sertac's 1/48 ESCI Su-7 Fitter with a full weapons load and drop tanks and finished off in a flawless bare metal finish.  It is the modellers from many countries that make ARC so special and it is always a pleasure to see Sertac's latest model on ARC. 

Laurent ‘Angus’ Beauvais is well known on ARC for his passion for Non French aircraft with French markings and today he is here with his 1/48 Italeri Douglass SBD-5 Dauntless in French Navy markings from Indochina during 1947.  I always get a kick out of seeing Laurent's latest model and this one looks great!!! 

I have a preview of the new 1/48 F-15S Khamis Mushait Eagles decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation GraphicsThis is the first decal sheet ever produced in 1/48th scale of the Royal Saudi Air Force F-15S Strike Eagle!  You get enough options for eight different aircraft with complete stencil data for two aircraft.

I have a product announcement of the new 1/72 F-4 Long nose Pitot tube set from Hobby Decal.

I have a product announcement of the new 1/32 F4U-1D Corsair gun bay set from Aires.

Thursday,   Jan 21  2010 
I've added Scale Aircraft Conversions to the ARC manufacturers links page.  They specialize in metal landing gear for over 115 different models in a variety of scales including jets and props.  I'm very impressed with the level of detail, quality and selection that I've seen on their website.

David Rapasi is here with five 1/72 Hasegawa F4 Phantoms that he built 30 years ago.  Dave is well known and well respected here on ARC and these Phantoms are finished to a very high standard.  And this was in the old days when modellers would scratchbuild any detail or modifications they would want to add to their models.. 

Denis Podgorniy joins us again with more of his aviation artwork.  This is his He 70F-2 Artwork. 

Armin KNES is here with another of his Russian jets.  This is his 1/48 Revell MiG-15bis.  Armin checked the dimensions of this kit and it did not look too good, so he elected to build it as a fun build and I must say I like the look of this red MiG-15.

Carmel J Attard is here with something you don't see very often.  This is his 1/72 Pavla Models Curtiss AT9 Jeep finished in US markings.  Carmel tells all about the history of this aircraft was well as the process of building it in his article.  Carmel did an excellent job on this odd but attractive looking little aircraft. 

I have a product article for the new 1/48 T-2C/D/E Colorful Buckeyes decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation Graphics.

Dave Johnson is here with a product article for the new 1/32 Eduard Messerschmitt B109 E-3.  This kit is available from Hobby Link Japan

I have a product article for the new 1/48 F-16C/D block 52 exhaust nozzle from Aires.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 SAAB AJ37 Viggen single seater cockpit set by Maestro Models Conversions and available from Rebell Hobby.

Wednesday,   Jan 20  2010 
Konley Kelley is here with his flawlessly done 1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-51C Mustang.  This Mustang is finished in the markings of one of the fighters used during WW2 by the famous The Tuskegee Airmen.  Konley has included a photo of one of the original pilots he met as well as photos of a real Tuskegee Mustang on display at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. 

Mark L. Rossmann is here today with  his great looking 1/48 Hasegawa Sabre MK F.4.  Mark gave his Sabre some paint chippings and finished it in RAF markings.  He also tells about some of the finer points if you are building a non-US Sabre. 

Serge Dompierre has done a marvelous job finishing and weathering his 1/48 ICM Spitfire MK VII.  This is an RAF Spitfire from early 1944 complete with exhaust stains and darkened panel lines.

Lyle Brown joins us today with his F-16 Cartoon artwork.   Lyle did this artwork with colored pencil, markers and a touch of graphite.

I have a preview for the new 1/72 F-15S Khamis Mushait/Anaconda Eagles decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation Graphics.  This decal sheet includes enough options for eight Saudi aircraft and three USAF Strike Eagles.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 MiG-15 Fagot wheels & paint masks from Aires.

I have a product article for the new 1/32 Su-27 Early Tail Stinger from Zactomodels.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 Hurricane Landing Gear from Scale Aircraft Conversions.

Tuesday,    Jan 19  2010 
Here's the latest Hot Babe of the Week! photos from TwobobsThese F/A-18 photos were taken by Dan Teker.

Brian Waldorf has been very busy building and detailing his 1/350 Tamiya Enterprise.  Brain added a scratchbuilt generic hanger deck and plenty of aftermarket detail as well as scratchbuilt detail before finishing and weathering his Enterprise in the 1980's era for this famous ship.  This kit builds up into a really is a stunning model in the capable and skilled hands of a modeler such as Brian. 

Gabriel Stern is here with a very cute floatplane today.  This is a scratch-built 1/72 Peyret-Mauboussin PMH X and although the model is made from styrene.....Gabriel somehow managed to give it a very realistic looking wood finish.  Outstanding work as usual Gabriel!!!. 

David Operchal joins us today with his beautifully done 1/48 Revell F-105G Wild Weasel.  This is the classic Monogram F-105 kit and David dressed up the cockpit area with a resin cockpit before finishing it in a beautifully done SEA camo before creating a very fitting display base for this beauty.  Wonderful work David.

Ermanno Bonafin has done an exceptionally nice job on his 1/48 Tamiya Fieseler Storch Fi156C-5.  Ermanno finished the motor to a very high standard before finishing his Storch in a weathered winter camo that looks very convincing.  I really love the look of this one.

The 1/32 US Air-To Air Missile Markings decal sheet from TwoBobs has been reprinted, buy it while you can.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 Remove Before Flight Flags decal sheet from Fightertown Decals.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 Bf- 109F Exhaust resin set from QuickBoost.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 German aircraft machine gun MG 151 (20mm) barrels (2pcs) from Master.

Monday,   Jan 18  2010 
No update today.  I've been spending way too much time watching the TV news as the Haiti story unfolds.  I'll get the updates started again tomorrow.

Friday,   Jan 15  2010 
Luiz Delazari starts today's update with photos from the recent 8th IPMS Curitiba Contest in Brazil.  There was plenty of very well done models at this show.  Well done to everyone involved in making this show possible.

Burt Gustafson had an enjoyable time build his sharp looking 1/48 Eduard P-39Q Airacobra.  Burt includes the history of the P-39 in his article as well as what was involved in building his American P-39.  Well done Burt, I always enjoy seeing your latest model.

Paolo Yuen added plenty of aftermarket detail parts as well as some scratchbuilt details to his  1/48 Italeri Tornado GR.1.  Paolo gave his Tornado full weathering and finished it as a RAF Gulf War aircraft.  Another beautifully done model from Paolo. 

Manuel Negri has done a wonderful job on his 1/32 Trumpeter Vought F-8E Crusader.  Manuel added plenty of extra detail to his Crusader and finished it in US Navy markings.  Wow this Crusader turned out looking excellent. 

I have a product announcement of the new 1/32 Vympel R-27ET - AA-10 Alamo-D missiles from Zactomodels

I have a product announcement of the new 1/48 F-100D Super Sabre exhaust nozzle from Aires

Thursday,   Jan 14  2010 
I'm pleased to welcome a new Sponsor today.  They are UMM-USA and this company is owned by the legendary modeler John Vojtech who has been a highly acclaimed winner at the IPMS Nationals with models that include his B-2 bomber and his C-130 Hercules.
UMM-USA sells a huge selection of items from kits, detail items, decals, magazines, books and specialized modeling tools and so much more for Aircraft, Armor, Car and Ship modelers.  Drop by their website.......there is plenty to see and check out their tools and supplies section.....John is a master modeller and he sells the tools that give superior results.  Welcome to ARC John and UMM-USA!!!

Jason Foo has put plenty of effort into getting everything right on his 1/48 Academy F-14A Bombcat.  Jason rescribed his F-14 and then fixed problem areas and added scratchbuilt detail to create a beautiful Tomcat. 

Wally Civitico is here with his classic 1/48 Monogram C-47.  Wally gave his C-47 a very nice looking bare metal finish and Royal Australian Air force markings to complete his transport.  It came our looking very good and it's great to see a C-47 in Australian markings.

Orlando Sucre Rosales is here today with the second of his series of articles related to old Airfix series 1 kits.  This is his 1/72 Airfix Folland Gnat T.1 that did require a bit of work to build, but the finished model looks excellent and well worth the effort.  It's good to see these older kit being built.

Don Flynn has done something very special with his 1/72 Fine Molds Bf 109F-4.  Don took a vintage WW2 photos and built this 109 using various decals from different sheets to create this very unique looking 109.  I like the look of the wavy demarcation line between the upper and lower camo.  Looks very good Don.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 F/A-18C/D Death Times Two Hornets decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation Graphics This decal sheet features two very colorful F/A-18C/D model Hornets The Death Dealers of VMFA(AW)-225 as well as the Death Rattlers of VMFA-323 of the USMC!

I have a product article for the new 1/32 Mosquito Exhausts from QuickBoost.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 Photo etch SAAB 37 Viggen airbrakes from Maestro Models Conversions and sold by Rebell Hobby.

Wednesday,   Jan 13  2010 

I've added G Factor Models to the ARC links pages.  They are a new company that makes metal landing gear.

Rick Bellanger has used  a variety of resin conversion and detail sets to enhance his 1/32 Tamiya F-16I SUFA.  There's plenty of ISRADECAL goodies on this Israeli F-16 and that combined with Rick's exceptional skill as a modeler made it possible to produce this wonder model of one of the jets that forms the backbone of the Israeli Air force fighter fleet.

David Rapasi is here with another of his beauties.  This is his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBM 3 Avenger given an exceptional weathering job and finished in the markings for a plane based on Okinawa, in May of 1945. Always a treat David.

Mahlon Smith has done a fabulous job building and  finishing his 1/32 Trumpeter AV-8B Harrier.  Mahlon gave this Harrier and full weapons load and finished it in USMC markings.  An impressive looking Harrier.

Dan McWilliams is here from Canada with his 1/72 Monogram CP-140 Aurora.  Dan used primer he bought at Canadian tire and finished this sharp looking Aurora in Canadian markings.  Looks great Dan. 

I have a product article for the new 1/48 T-2C VT Buckeyes #2 decal sheet from Twobobs Aviation Graphics.  This sheet features three different aircraft with enough stencils for one. VT-19, VT-23 and VT-26 are all included on this sheet. 

I have a product article for the new 1/32 Refuelling Probe Tip from Hobby Decal.

I have a product article for the new 1/32 F-16CG/CJ Block 40/50 exhaust nozzle from Aires.

Tuesday,    Jan 12  2010 
If you are in the southern US and suffering from the worry of freezing pipes.....leave your kitchen tap on with a slight trickle of water....not a drip.....a steady trickle of cold water.  This will keep the water moving in your pipes and prevent freezing until the temps go back up to more seasonal norms.

The Twobobs latest Hot Babe of the Week! is courtesy of Jose "Fuji" Ramos. These were taken quite a while back and are the subject of a previously released sheet by Twobobs. Thanks Fuji!

Steve Ringlein has been busy added plenty of details to his big 1/32 Trumpeter A-7E Corsair.  Steve added the Zactomodels intake along with their wind screen set and the Aires cockpit set, wheel well set and Avionix box.  He then finished it all off with decals came from Victory Models to produce a truly accurate and detail rich Corsair II. 

Denis Podgorniy joins us today with his Spitfire Mk.IX Artwork.  As you will see....Denis is quite the talented artist......I'm pleased to say more of his art will follow in the coming weeks. 

Max Tollens Jr. has done a wonderful job detailing and finishing his 1/48 Trumpeter F9F2 Panther.  Max chose to drop the flaps and slats and correct some other areas of this kit before finishing it off in aftermarket decals to get a very nice looking Panther.

Carmel J Attard joins us from Malta which I'm pleased to say has escaped the snow that is blanketing much of Europe.  This is his excellent looking 1/72 Airfix Westland Whirlwind HAR 10 with a scratchbuilt nose and  just the right amount of sag in the blades and finished off in RAF Rescue markings.  Beautifully done as always Carmel. 

I have a product article for the new 1/48 VFA-103 Supa Hornets F-18F's decal sheet from Fightertown Decals..

Jeremy Spradlin is here with a product article of the 1/32 Goodyear F2G Super Corsair Conversion Kit from XS-Models.

Anatoly Sushon is here with a product article of the 1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M2 & Tu-22M3 Backfire from Authentic Decals.

Monday,    Jan 11 2010
In case you missed it, there was daily updates on Saturday and Sunday to wrap up Silly Week.  My thanks goes out to all that participated in Silly Week this year.....it was quite the enjoyable selection of models.  Well done everyone.

This weeks Twobobs Newsletter is up.  The big news this week is that the 1/48 Buckeye kits are shipping out to the lucky customers that ordered them.  And the Japanese distributor has sold out in only 2 days.  Europeans can buy this kit from Hannants UK or any of the hobby shops they service.  Asian customers can get their kits from Beaver Corporation or any of the hobby shops they service.  This is a popular kit and it is selling well.   

David Waples is here with a very well done 1/72 Trumpeter F-107A Ultrasabre.  David added a Cobra Company resin cockpit and gave his F-107 a flawless baremetal finish.  The pitot tube and dry transfer markings are from Hobbydecal.  David tells about the family connection he has with the F-107.  Beautiful job David.

Piotr "Ostach" Ostaszewski has been busy getting his 1/48 Trumpeter Westland Wyvern S.4 looking perfect.  This plane is from The Suez Crisis in 1956 and I really like how it looks. 

Zenden Ng has put quite a bit of effort into his 1/100 AFC club F-14A Topcat.  This kit was a disappointment for Zenden Ng, but it did get built and in the markings of the legendary Jolly Rogers.

Serge Dompierre has done a marvelous job building and finishing his  1/48 ICM Yak 7.  This particular kit served in Siberia.  Serge gave it weathering which included exhaust stains and chipped paint.

I have a product article for the new VF-213 to VFA-213 Blacklions Transition, 2006 / F-14D Tomcat - F/A-18F Super Hornet - F-14D Tomcat - F/A-18F Super Hornet #TS-F14F18/007 from Deployment Productions.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 Bf-109G-6 Exhaust from QuickBoost.

I have a product article for the new 1/48 German aircraft machine gun MG FF (20mm) barrels (2pcs) from Master.

Sunday,   Jan 10  2010

 Russia - Soviet counteroffensive under Stalingrad. The beginning of the end (1943) 

Charlie Crawford is the legendary modeller that inspired Alvis 3.1 many decades ago and this is the model that started it all.  This is Cow Pasture Pool and I have heard of this diorama from Alvis 3.1 and it's a pleasure to finally see photos of it.  Good to see you among us Charlie. 

Alvis 3.1 is here to shed light on the story of the Olympislavia...... the hated enemy of Aztekistan.  This is the1/48 Olympislavia PF-84-7 JetBolt in full battle colours. 

Mark Jahsan dropped by during Silly Week today with Rif-Raf's Spitfire in Aussie markings.  I think building a fun kit like this is an excellent way to unwind and keep AMS from creeping in. 

Mark Atkins is a UAV pilot/mechanic by trade and this is his scratchbuilt 1/48 MQ-10 Firebat UAV that was cut by a  machine from a CAD drawing.  Pretty cool model.

Halsted "Hacksaw" Morris has done an exceptionally good job on his 1/72 Revell CAIC CH-54A Skycrane with heli-mobile snow lab.  This is a what-if sort of design but as you read the article you will wonder if it is real.  Beautifully executed Hal.

Antonio Serrano Beardo is here from Spain with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/24 Italeri Land Rover in a beautifully done Tiger paint scheme.  Antonio added extra details and then spent plenty of effort getting everything looking perfect.  Welcome to ARC Antonio!!!

Bri2k is here with the little known 1/126 "Convairail" 8-8-8 propliner.  This is a jet airliner with turboprop engines operated by a railroad.  Read Bri2k's article for all the details. 

Mark Atkins is back again today with his 1/48 MQ-22 Protector UAV.  Mark tells the story behind the UAV as well as what was required to scratchbuild this model.

Dave Bailey has a creative story for his The Pound.  This is a Soviet chopper that ended up being operated in Canada.....Dave has the full story in his article. 

Chick Noreau has the final article for Silly Week this year.  This is the Bombastic Bamford Bomber with yours truly at the wheel. 

Saturday,    Jan 9  2010 
Alvis 3.1 gets thing fired up today with his 1/350 Soviet Union Submersible Aircraft Carrier Number 344, Admiral Phrozenutzov.  An amusing model to be sure.

Hal Elsberry is in very fine form today with his eggcellent looking Focke-Wulf FW Egg.  Hal does have the full story about this critical Luftwaffe aircraft.

Hugh Janus is a bit of a Star Wars fan and this is his X-Wing Spitfire.  Hey....this looks plausible. 

Gonzalo D. Mendoza has put months of effort into building his 1/48 Invisible Jet.  The thing that really impressed me about this kit is the level of scratchbuilt detailing.

Petko Mironov joins us with a heavily modified 1/72 F/A-38 Crusader IV.  This design is the replacement for the cancelled Eurofighter Typhoon, but Petko tells the whole story in this article..

Kees Kuyper joins us from the Netherlands with this colourful Rainbow Raptor.  I do see the advantage of this paint scheme shortly after a rain storm when a rainbow appears.  

Charlie Crawford has been bust reconstructing the Sopwith(?) "Doghouse".  Charlie dug through dusty RAF archives to get all the fact needed to build this replica of this little known WW1 fighter.  Read his article for the full story. 

Wally Civitico had everything go bad while building this 1/48 Tamiya Mig-15.  But from lemons he made lemonade and this is his Silly Week entry.  He has included a very funny article to go with his MiG. 

Björn Bäcklund is here with a model for you to enjoy during Breakfast.  This is his USS Eggerprise.  Being a Star Trek fan, I got a good laugh when I saw this one.  It's very creative and well done. 

Keith Diamond is here with a chopper that does everything.  This 1/48 Monogram FUH-1C Huey is designed to fill a variety of roles with the USAF.  Nice one Keith. 

Ron Firth finishes up the Saturday update with his 1/72 Airfix YAK9D.  This Ruissian aircraft is finished in RAF markings and Ron tells the whole story of this WW2 aircraft in his article.

Friday,   Jan 8  2010 
Carl Gootzen joins us every year during silly Week with his handpainted Gnomes.  This year he is here with  his 1/3 The Santa Claus Gnome.....wow....1/3 scale......this figure is pretty darn big.  Nicely Done Carl. 

Bill Bunting is here with something new to me.  This is the 1/350 Tamiya "Mogami" Aircraft Carrying Cruiser which is a modified Cruiser with a flight deck on the rear for holding planes.  Bill tells the history of this ship and the battles it was involved in during WW2. 

Hal Elsberry is hack today with another of his cool VW vans.  This is his VF-101 Grim Reapers Van with many added details such as a flight helmet on the driver and a weathered multi-shade USN paint scheme.  This one made me grin. 

Ken Duffey is here with his 1/144 Scale A-90 Ekranoplan - Virgin Atlantic to tell the story of the Ekranoplan operated by Virgin Atlantic for commercial passenger service.  Ken even modified his Ekranoplan with new engines that are better suited to it's new purpose.  Very well thought out and beautifully presented Ken. 

Harry Quirk is here with his Lindberg Flyer 1937 and the story from an alternate time line of the story of Charles Lindberg and his trans-Atlantic crossing.  The story is quite an amusing read and this Lindberg Flyer is outfitted with Ju-87 landing gear.. 

Björn Bäcklund joins us from Sweden with his scratchbuilt Helikopter 4E(gg).  This is a Swedish Navy chopper complete with camo and Swedish markings.  This took plenty of effort and I must say I do enjoy seeing these Egg Planes.

Alvis 3.1 reminds us of another failed design from long ago.  This is his 1/48 RCAF Hakapik - The Missile With No Man In it which is the long forgotten CF-104 missile.  Alvis 3.1 tells the whole story in his article. 

Claus Gustafsen is here with the very creative story behind his 1/32 Revell Mig 21BM.  This is a Navalized folding wing MiG-21 that was operated off the Brazillian aircraft carrier.  A pretty cool design, 

Keith Diamond finished up today's update with his RC Boat USCGC Shelby.  And yes.....the is an RC boat which means it does indeed move under it's own power.  Well done Keith.......gotta' love the USCG paint scheme.   

Thursday,   Jan 7  2010 
Mark Andrews has hit the mark perfectly in all way with his 1/25 lil' Stogie.  I love these older classic hot rods and mark dressed his up perfectly and he included a very enjoyable and funny story to go with his photos.

Fred Amos is here to make you grin with his very creative 1/144 Entex DC- 3 Space Shuttle.  Fred took a DC-3 and mounted it to Space Shuttle Rocket boosters to design his own Space Shuttle.  Pretty cool to see Fred and you know.........it does look like it might almost work. 

Charlie Crawford is here with a very big Bug.  This has got to the the best definition of the name VW Bug.  Thanks for showing it to us Charlie. 

Keith Diamond has been busy building his 1 /72 Academy A-10K RAF Tankbuster.  Keith chose a Desert Scheme from Desert Storm and added sexy noseart and mission markings along with a fully weathering job.  It looks surprisingly realistic Keith. 

Björn Bäcklund is here with The Big Escape.  This is without a doubt one of the more creative play on words I've seen.  I love it!!! 

Alvis 3.1 is here with his own play on words in his article about his 1/48 Monogram F-16A (M).  I won't give it away.....best you read his article for a chuckle. 

KH Lee is here with a heavily reworked 1/72 F-5E Harimau.  Yes the jet engines are gone and replaced with wingtip turboprop engines.  Now that is creative. 

Wednesday,   Jan 6  2010 

Sorry for the very late update today.....I got seriously side tracked with family stuff.

Gil Hodges is here with something quite amusing.  This is kit bashed Boeing SS-737-200 Sea Swallow Submarine which is a fictional sub made from an airliner model.....it doesn't get much more creative than this. 

Björn Bäcklund has been busy getting creative with two Secret Lockheed's.  The first model is an F-117 Swedish re-design that includes canards and the second is an F1-17 race car with strong F-117 design influences.  I love how both of them turned out and the stories behind them.

Borg R3-MC0 joins us with a 1/72 Ye-66C (rocket powered MiG-21).  This article and model looks back in history of the very secret MiG-21 interceptor that was mounted to a massive rocket booster to permit it to get to altitude VERY quickly.  I bet that would have been one heck of a ride.

Andy Bannister is here with the most amusing Revell Spitsfire I've ever seen.  The roundels are dart boards complete with darts sticking out of the fuselage dartboard.  The markings are Canadian of course.  :-D 

Hal Elsberry is here with his DHARMA Initiative Van which has a connection to the “Lost” television series.  Hal added quite a few special features to his van including beer and a Polar Bear magazine.  You need to check out his article to learn the full story.  It's quite the amusing model and very well done.

Wally Civitico dropped by for Silly Week with his 1/72 Kitech C-45.  This is a model of the only Aussie C-45 and includes the very colourful although somewhat brief history of this aircraft. 

 Lee Miller has been busy creating his What-if model of the XF-44-1N.  This is a Twin Corsair with 3 cockpit and 3 pilots.........what a wacky plane this would have been.  Lee did do a  top notch job pulling this whole project together.

Tuesday,    Jan 5  2010 
Twobobs has a new Hot Babe of the Week from the sunny confines of the Mojave Airport this time.  Bob photographed this jet years ago at Edwards AFB when TPS was flying it around and was lucky to see it again a couple of weeks ago at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave.

Alvis 3.1 is here to give you a chuckle with his 1/28 Peace Dividend ALCM/ Scout Cruiser.  This is a cruise missile converted to a private aircraft.  Alvis 3.1 has the full and amusing story behind this odd little aircraft. 

KH Lee is here with the very unique 1/72 F-5E Harimau.  This particular F-5 is fitted with Turbo prop engines.  KH Lee finished his F-5 in TUDM markigs.

Rob Haelterman has been busy scratchbuilding and kitbashing to create his 1/72 Jagdsherman.  This the tank killer the Allies needed during WW2 and Rob did quite the fine job designing and then following the project through to completion.

Jaroslav Hajecek has been busy turning the Hasegawa F/A-18 eggplane into an F/A-18A EGGRESSOR.  Jaroslav added little red stars top the pilots helmet to make sure his eggplane was accurate.

Borg R3-MC0 has been busy redesigning this 1/72 Northrop F-18L FSW.  This is a forward Swept Wing F-18 made by Northrop and sold in great numbers, or so the What-if story goes.

Charlie Crawford is here with Great Moments in Mustang History: The 1864-1/2 Mustang and Pipsqueak Pete.  This is a funny little vignette and the reason it was built is pretty comical......Charlie has that rebel side to him that makes him such a great "What-if" modeller.

Wiggy Smithhas been very busy finishing a number of "What-if" models for Silly Week this year.  Sit back and enjoy Wiggy's "what-if" aircraft. 

Monday,    Jan 4  2010

  Union of Myanmar Independence Day 

Twobobs has turned 10 years oldI recall my first e-mail with Bob.......ARC was less that a few months old and Twobobs was weeks old......it doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago.  Congrats to Bob and Teri.......all it took was endless hard work and long hours for ten years to get Twobobs and ARC to where they are today.  Here's wishing Twobobs ten more years of fun and success!!!
Head over to the Twobobs website and buy a decal sheet or the New Buckeye kit to help  Bob and Teri celebrate this big Anniversary.  10 years for any business is a very big deal.
This weeks Twobobs Newsletter is up.  The Twobobs Buckeye Kits Shipping This Week!!  Plus Bob has included some history about the early days of Twobobs and plenty of very exciting artwork about the latest releases including the Casper and his Bandit Ghosts F/A-18B sheet which you just have to see with it's green and white camo. Plus Bob has included some history about the early days of Twobobs and plenty of very exciting artwork about the latest releases including the Casper and his Bandit Ghosts F/A-18B sheet which you just have to see with it's green and white camo. Plus Bob has included some history about the early days of Twobobs and plenty of very exciting artwork about the latest releases including the Casper and his Bandit Ghosts F/A-18B sheet which you just have to see with it's green and white camo. 

Terry Davis gets things started today with his very funny Miss IPMS Styrena Modell.   Terry did quite a bit of work to create this bikini clad award carrying IPMS babe.

Alvis 3.1 is here with the story of the long forgotten RAF fighter.  This is his 1/72 Steam powered SBC-4.  Alvis 3.1 tells the whole amusing history behind this aircraft.   

Bill Harr has been busy building his tri-tailed Vought/Douglas A-47UD Raylass.  This was a USMC ground attack aircraft designed to replace the aging F4U Corsair.  

Bri2k has dropped by with his 1/144 DC-J early jetliner.  This is an DC-3 upgraded with jet engines as used by World airlines. 

Gil Hodges is here with 3 different Deals Wheels Models.  They are all different and they all look like they were a blast to build.  Thanks for sharing Gil.

Colin Whitehouse is here to give you the first look at the new Royal Navy F-35.  Colin used the 1/48 Panda F-35 and displayed it on a diorama on the deck of the new RN carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Charlie Crawford has dropped by with something completely different today.  This is his Outhouse complete with a scale roll of toilet paper. 

Andrew Newstead is here with his drawing of the BAC Lightning F/A 8.  This was a enhanced version of the Lightning with a larger wing, but Andrew tell the whole story behind the BAC Lightning F/A 8.

Sunday,   Jan 3  2010 
Ken Duffey gets things started today with his 1/72 Grumman F-17A 'Flankercat'.  Ken has modified a standard Su-30 and Americanized it for USN service.  I love the look of this one Ken. 

Charlie 'Cheetah' Arsenault has been busy getting things right on his very sharp looking  1 /24 Hasegawa Ferrari 250TR Testa Rossa.  Without a doubt this is one of the prettiest looking cars made by Ferrari.

Keith Diamond has done an exceptionally nice job building and finishing his 1/72 Testors F-16B.  A Cuban F-16 is an attractive looking jet with the colourful markings and camo.

Steve Eggers has put much effort into creating his "What-if" 1/32 OH-69A Acoma Scout.  Steve tells the whole history of this aircraft as well as what he did to build it.

Niezam Y joins us with a selection of Flower Garden Guardians.  These are Armored vehicles that are used to defend the garden.

Dave Bailey finishes things today with The Ultimate ZAP!  Dave provides the full history of this famous Canadian aircraft.  Nice one Dave!!!

Saturday,    Jan 2  2010 
Pete Malaguti begins today with a very interesting concept aircraft of a 1/72 XB-70 and launching an X-15.  Pete took the older poor fitting AMT/Ertl XB-70 kit and combined it with a custom delta wings X-15, which gave him a shape looking combination.  

Diego M. Pavese  is here from Argentina with his 1/24 Tamiya Peugeot 205 Turbo 16.  Diego built this for his uncle and used a full set of photo etch and custom made seatbelts to get the added detail to make his Rally Car look great.  I'm sure his uncle was very pleased to receive this model. 

Dave Bailey has been busy bringing to life a little known Canadian aircraft called the Martin Marlborough.  Dave has the full history of this Canadian aircraft which is very convincing.  Nice one Dave.

Ray Seppala is here today with his nicely done "what-if" 1/35 Italeri M109 A6.   The "What-if" part is the desert paint scheme and Australian markings, which I think is very convincing.

Bri2k built the 1/144 DC-3 in the markings for the Pennsylvania R.R. for his buddy that is a big N Scale railroader.   It's a pretty good looking paint scheme.

Keith Diamond has been creative in making his 1/48 ESCI S-3 in Planet Express markings.  Keith modified his S-3 to get it to fit the story with very good results..   

Friday,   Jan 1  2010

  Cuba  -  Anniversary of the Revolution 

  Haiti Independence Day 

  Sudan  Independence Day 

Well I'm glad to see you all survived News Years Eve festivities although a few of you look worse for wear.  Silly week this year looks like it will run for 10 days due to the large number of articles......and that does include updates on Saturdays and Sundays.  Enjoy 2010!!!  
Dave Bailey gets the New Year started with The Moose.  I wasn't exactly sure what this was......but thankfully Dave explains it in his article.  Good start to the New Year Dave.

 Alvis 3.1 is here to educate you with the story of his 1/48 Monogram SU-25 Frogfoot.  The more educated among you will note the markings on this Frogfoot are the Aztekistan Version.  Yes.....the full history is covered in his article.......and it does include human sacrifices.

Gabriel Zvulun is here with the first armor model of 2010.  This is the 1/35 Academy M151A1 MUTT complete with all the added stowage and weathering that makes this Vietnam era vehicle look so realistic. 

Jaroslav Kral is here with a diorama from a scene in the movie Inglorious Bastards.  I haven't seen this movie yet but I do like this diorama.

Michael Stanley is here with the little known IDF FX-3 “Mohel” Secret Yom Kippur war interceptorThis Top Secret project is being revealed for the first here today....here on ARC.  Now you know how Israeli won the Yom Kippur War.

Ray Seppala joins us from Australia with his "What-if" 1/72 Italeri EF2000 Twin Seater.  Ray chose to go with a Tiger meet scheme to make his Aussie Typhoon all the more interesting.  Nicely done Ray....I love it!!!