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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 Academy  Su-27 Flanker by Alan Gross

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker 'B' by  Peter Pelka

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker by Mike Grant

1/48 Academy SU-27UB Flanker C by Ariel Patish

1/48 Academy Su-27 in Chinese PLA markings using Hi Decal Line decals by Sergei Galicky

1/48 Academy Su-27UB (Part 1 of 2) by Kaan Gök 

1/48 Academy Su-27UB (Part 2 of 2) by Kaan Gök 

1/48 Academy Su-27's by Paul Brown

1/48 Academy Su-27UB  by Philip Limbert

1/72 Hasegawa Su-27 Flanker by William NG

1/48 Academy SU-27 Flanker B by E.J. DeVivo

1/72 Hasegawa Su-27B Flanker by Francois Poulic

1/48 Academy Su-27 with Linden Hill Ukrainian Decals by Felix Shnir

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker A joint effort  by Alexander Sidharta, Andreas Pramaditya and Iwan Winarta

1/48 Ukraine Su-27 Flanker  by Tony Leger

1/72 Hasegawa Su-27  by Nathan Slesinger

1/48 Academy Su-27 "Flanker" by Stefan Szymanski

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker  by Chip Jean

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker by Arie Kurniawan

1/48 Academy SU-27 Flanker by Maurizio Bressan

1/72 Airfix Su-27  by Alex Sidharta

1/48 Academy Su-27 by David Mussio

1/48 Academy Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B by Donny Daneshwara

1/32 Trumpeter Su-27 by Jong-ho Park  

1/32 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B by Masa Narita

1/48 Academy Su-27 UB by Paolo Yuen

1/72 Revell Su-27 by Alexandre Kostadinovic

1/72 Revell Su-27 by Denis A. Belyanin

1/48 Academy Su-27 RTAF by Pongpeera Thiapaiat

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker B by Wild Dog

1/72 Revell Su-27KUB conversion by Michael Pavlov

1/32 Trumpeter SU-27 Flanker by Terry Chan

1/48 Academy Su-27UB by Jenny Song

1/48 and Hobbycraft SU-27B by Pavan V

1/72 Berkut Su-27 Flanker by Deun Yu

1/72 Hasegawa Sukhoi Su-27 by Jan Manninen

1/48 Academy Suchoi Su-27 by Armin Knes

1/48 Academy Flanker B  by Shaun Foo

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker by Mukund Vora

1/72 Hasegawa Su-27  by Yufei Mao

1/32 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-27B Flanker Pt 1  by Guy Wilson

1/32 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-27B Flanker Pt 2 by Guy Wilson

1/32 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-27B Flanker Pt 3  by Guy Wilson

1/48 Academy Su-27 B Flanker  by Lei 

Making Parachutes  by QC Tan

1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker  by QC Tan

1/32 Trumpeter Su-27b  by Steve Ringlein

1/48 Academy UKR Su-27 Flanker  by  George Gochaleishvili

1/72 LEE Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker  by Alfonso Barajas

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