Homepage Text - December 2003

Wednesday, Dec 31  2003

Jaroslav Hajecek has built the 1/32 AERO L159A ALCA.  This particular model was not built from an over-the-counter models kit.....Jaroslav had to work harder than that to create his L159A. 

Emad Tabsh joins us with his 1/48 Tamiya Bristol Beaufighter MK.VI.  A fine example of this wonderful kit. 

I have a review of the recently released 1/32 F/A-18A NSAWC Top Gun Hornets Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  Here's your chance to build a very eye catching F/A-18A....this sheet is guaranteed to sell well.

I have a review of the new book Defenders of Nippon:  F-4 Phantom II Kaburaya Books.  This books focuses on the F-4 Phantom II flown by Japan and includes over 400 colour profiles as well as a wealth of other info. 

I've added 3 websites to the ARC links pages

Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in some walkaround photos for the Polikarpov I-15bis

Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in some walkaround photos for the Polikarpov I-16 Rata

Tuesday, Dec 30  2003

For Dec 31 Celebrations...Here's a special idea for parents of young kids.  Put your clocks ahead 3 hours.  When the time is 9pm....your clocks will show 12 midnight.  You can toast with your young kids and celebrate and have them in bed by 9:30pm "real time".  

Alberto Robledo joins us with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Revell Germany Junkers Ju 87 B-2 Stuka in Desert camo with the famous "Snake" artwork paint scheme.  A very eye catching Stuka.....welcome to ARC Alberto!!  

Jeremy Gould is also here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Revell F-14D Tomcat.  Now.....those of you that own this kit and have attempted to build this kit know it is a b*tch to complete.  But Jeremy didn't just build it......he finished it off with a high level of skill and the end result is quite nice.  Welcome to ARC Jeremy!! 

Robert-Jan Willekens is here with today's second prop article.  This is his 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XIV prototype done up with the bright yellow underside.  Put on your Sunglasses.   

Darius Aibara has dropped by with his 1/48 Trumpeter Su 15 TM 'Flagon F'.  Holy heck this plane has a long nose cone.......Darius finished it off in a bare metal finish. 

I have a review of the new 1/72 F-14B   VF-32 Gypsy Swordsmen Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsThis features one plane with nose art and the other honors the Shuttle that was recently lost on re-entry.  And it an F-14 sheet.

Matt Swan has sent in a review of the 1/48 Historic Plastic Models BV-141B.  This is one of the odder planes designed by Germany during WW2.  Good to see a review of this kit.

Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in some Polikarpov I-153 Chaika walkaround photos. 

Robert N. Abbott Jr. has sent in some Lavochkin La-5 walkaround photos.  Thanks Robert!!

Monday, Dec 29  2003

  Nepal Birthday of H.M. Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev on December 28  
  "Proclamation Day" in South Australia on December 28  

I enjoyed my time off from daily updates to make some good progress on some woodworking projects for my kids as well as spending time with them.

Ted Taylor joins us from the UK to get things started after the Christmas Holidays with his 1/48 Tamiya Gloster Meteor F.3.  Ted used a very interesting time saving technique for "Masking" the camo. 

Edward A. Fuquay is here from the U.S. with his 1/48 Monogram British SE5A.  This model has quite a bit of history with Ed......sounds like he has an excellent wife.  Nice SE5A....always good to see the WW1 planes on ARC.

Andy Lee joins us from Singapore with his 1/48 Hasegawa T-4 Trainer I always enjoy seeing jets in Japanese markings....don't know why.  Andy's T-4 came out very nice indeed.  

Randy Lutz joins us from Canada with his 1/48 Tamiya Vought Corsair II.  Ahhhhh....folded wings always looks like the most complicated way to go.  Well done Randy.

I have a review of the just released 1/48 F-16C OIF Vipers decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  This sheet features the F-16 that was called in to destroy the AH-64 that was shot down in Iraq.

Sinuhe Hahn has sent in some X-31 walkarond photos.  Thanks Sinhue. 

Robert N.Abbott Jr. has sent in some Hurricane Mk. IIb walkaround photos.  Thanks Robert.

Sunday, Dec 28  2003     "Proclamation Day" in South Australia

  Nepal Birthday of H.M. Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev  

Friday, Dec 26 2003                    Slovenia Independence Day on Dec 26  

I'm taking the rest of the week off to spend time with my family during the holidays.  Updates will begin on Monday Dec 29 2003. 

Wednesday, Dec 24 2003  

First up......for all the parents out there with young kids.....check out this website on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) .....it is updated constantly in the evening  with video of Santa and his Sleigh delivering presents to various cities around the world.  Due to time zones....this website might be set up for North American time zones....although I'm not 100% sure.  

Alvis Petrie is here with his annual Spy report on Santa's ride for this Christmas.  Check out his article to see Santa's Sleigh 2003 which happens to be a kitbash of the 1/48 Italeri AH-1Z with a 1/72 Italeri V-22. 

Alvis Petrie is also here with an article about Santa's 727 Air-to-Air Tanker for 2003 that will be used to refuel Santa's Sleigh for 2003. 

Tuesday, Dec 23  2003            Birthday of H.I.M. Emperor Akihito (1933) 

Busolini Massimo begins today's update with his 1/48 Tamiya A-1H SkyraiderBusolini's Skyraider is beautifully weathered.  The exhaust stains on a Skyraider are famous and to capture them well is a big challenge.  Well done Busolini. 

Creighton Henthorn Jr. is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa A-7E Corsair II.  Always good to see another of Creighton's latest work on ARC.  This one includes weathering, a weapons load and extra detailing. 

Octávio Mântua has dropped by with his 1/72 Heller Alouette III.  This one is done up un UN markings from Santa Cruz Decals It's always good to see UN markings on aircraft.

I have a review of the just released 1/32 F-15C Eglin Gorillas Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsThis sheets features 3 different F-15C's.

Monday, Dec 22  2003   
Hanukkah began on Saturday.  I'd like to send special belated best wishes to everyone celebrating Hanukkah.

Robert-Jan Willekens has dropped by with his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-36 Invader.  The Accurate Miniatures line of models is well known for fit and high levels of detail.  Robert's A-36 is no exception.......Robert has created a very pleasing model. 

Emil Varosi is here today with his second article on ARC.  This is Emil's 1/48th Hobbycraft Avro Arrow.  The Avro Arrow is a proud part of Canadian history and it's always a good thing to see someone has built a model of this very promising aircraft. 

Darius Aibara has dropped by with his 1/48 Magna Models Blackburn Firebrand TF5.  Another fantastic example of a rare aircraft. 

I have a review of the 1/72 Bell X-1E decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksCutting Edge Modelworks is to be congratulated for producing their line of X-1 detail items.

I have a review of the new 1/48 A-10A Black Lightning Bolt II Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  Here is your chance to build a Warthog in an Anniversary scheme based on a WW2 paint scheme.

Jiri Basny has sent in some BAC Canberra walkaround photos.

Jiri Basny has also sent in some Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S2 walkaround photos.

Mike Jones has sent in some E1-B Tracer walkaround photos.

Saturday, Dec 20  2003   

Kevin Jongen kicks off today with his baremetal 1/48 Academy P-47D Thunderbolt.  Kevin's P-47 includes some very big "Nose Art".  This is a beautifully built Jug....enjoy. 

Wannapong Ngamkasem is here with his 1/72 Academy Me-163.  Wannapong has also included a carrier for his Komet.  Good to see such a nicely built example of the 1/72 kit. 

Piotr "Lestat" Puchowski joins us for the first time today.  And he's brought along a perfectly built 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBF 1-C Avenger.  Thank goodness Piotr has included plenty of photos so you can get a good look at his amazing Avenger. 

Friday, Dec 19  2003   
Peter Doll is here from Germany with his kitbash 1/48 Monogram-Heller RF-84F.  Peter is what I consider as a master of baremetal finishes.  this latest model from him is his usual amazing level of perfection.....enjoy. 

Randy Lutz is here from Canada with his 1/48 Eduard Bell P-400 Airacobra.  You've seen Randy's work on ARC in the past and his P-400 is another example of Randy's high skill and attention to detail. 

Robert "Glidingbob" Verhegghen has dropped by from Belgium with his 1/48 Hughes 500 MD Defender.  Interestingly enough....Bob's Hughes 500 is wearing  Kenyan Army markings....which is sort of rare.  Beautiful job on this one Bob!!

I have a review of the 1/48 T-38A Ebony Talons Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  These are 3 different Talons....one of which works with the F-117's out of Holloman AFB.

Thursday, Dec 18  2003           Niger Proclamation of the Republic 

Mike Aldridge joins us from New Zealand with his 1/48 Tamiya A-10A.  Mike did some pre-shading on the panel lines as well as final weathering which gave his A-10 an excellent look.

Jens Gerber joins us from Germany with his 1/48 Tamiya Corsair.  This one is built more or less out of the box with a resin seat added to improve the cockpit detail.  This is Jens first article on ARC.  Welcome to ARC Jens!!!

I've updated the F-15E Crash at RAF Lakenheath story in the story section.  The badly injured WSO did make a full recovery and return to flying.  Here's a link to an article with more info about this crash. 

I have a review of the just released 1/48 T-38A Aggressive Talons Decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics  This includes 3 aircraft in Aggressor looking paint schemes.

Wednesday, Dec 17  2003            Bhutan National Day  

 100th Anniversary of controlled powered flight Dec 17 1903 

Today is a very special day.  It's the 100th Anniversary of controlled powered flight.  There will be a re-enactment of a replica Wright Brothers "Flyer" recreating that historic flight.  There is a very real possibility this attempt could end in a crash as the original plane only had a tiny flight envelope.  I'd like to wish the pilot a safe re-enactment.  One change is the replica has a black box installed.  

Alexander Sidharta couldn't let today slip by without having a Wright Flyer on ARC.  This is Alex's 1/39 Monogram “The Flyer”.  He has provided some history as well he talks about the build process for his "Flyer".  I like it Alex. 

Grant Matthews was also very keen to have his 1/39 Mongram 'Classic' Wright Flyer on ARC today on this very historic occasion.  Grant has the "launch ramp" and figures displayed with his "Flyer".  Well done Grant.

Jeff Brundt has dropped by with part 2 of his 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190D-9.  Very nice Jeff. 

Neil Commerford is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Neil's 1/48 Esci Aermacchi MB-326k Impala MK2 finished off in South African markings.  Looks beautiful Neil.  Welcome to ARC!!! 

I have a review of the new 1/48 He 111 "Pencil Noses" Part 4  decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis one features 2 early He-111......one German and one in Turkish Airforce markings.

Tuesday, Dec 16  2003

  Bahrain National Day 

  Kazakhstan National Day   

Jeff Brundt begins your day with part 1 of his 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190D-9 article.  Jeff has provided a detailed article about his big Dora.  Part 2 of Jeff's article will run tomorrow. 

Creighton Henthorn Jr. has dropped by with his 1/48 Hasegawa A-4C Skyhawk.  Creighton has done some beautiful detail painting on his A-4 and given in a  weapons load to boot. 

Josh Silver has dropped by with his 1/48 Italeri UH-1N.  Josh has detailed and weathered his UH-1N.  Looks good Josh.

Edward A. Fuquay has finished the 1/48 Tamiya Douglas A-1J Skyraider.  Ed has given his Skyraider a full weapons load and sent in a variety of pics with his article. 

I have a review of the 1/32 F/A-18C VFA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.   This sheet gives you the choice of 2 different F/A-18C's from Operation Iraqi Freedom "Knuckle Shampoo".  

I have a story about an F-15E Crash at RAF Lakenheath.  This includes 7 photos.....4 of these photos ran a few years ago in the TPC.  With  the addition of the 3 "new" photos, I thought it was time to put this in the story section.  Anyone know what year this crash happened?  I'm pleased to note that both members of the crew survived.

Stewart Bailey is here with the second part of his Dauntless SBD-3 walkaround.

Monday, Dec 15  2003   

Darius Aibara begins today with his 1/48 Piper Cherokee 140.  Once again Darius proves he can easily build any kit.  Nice to have civilian aircraft  on ARC to provide good variety.

Geoff McDonell is here with his 1/72 Mach-2 Falcon 20 in Canadian markings.  This is definitely a very interesting paint scheme.  Well done Geoff.

Robert-Jan Willekens is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa/Hobbycraft Vought Corsair II.  Robert-Jan combined 2 kits to make his British Corsair and then added a resin cockpit and resin wheels before giving her the paint and markings for a Corsair in the north Atlantic.   I love the weathering on this one. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 & 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVIe Pt. 2 decal sheet from Lifelike Decals.  this decal sheet features 4 different Spitfire Mk.XVI's.....one New Zealand, one Polish, one Airracer and one bare metal Spitfire. 

Sunday, Dec 14  2003   

Andy Stark begins today's update with his 1/87th Scale C-47.  Now you may be thinking....."C-47....boring"....but you would be wrong.  Andy has done a splendid job shading various panels to give his C-47 quite the realistic look.....check it out and enjoy. 

Sebastian L is an ARC regular from the ARC Forums and he's here today with his 1/72 SOKO G-4 Super Galeb.  Sebastian finished it in Myanmar Air Force / Tamdaw Lay  markings.  Neat looking plane......excellently done model....from a so-so kit. 

Zachary Gillon has sent in an image of his Digital F-16 Text Image.  Check it out....the F-16 image is made entirely from "text".  Quite amazing.....beats me how this is done.....but it looks very cool. 

Saturday, Dec 13  2003              Saint Lucia Independence Day  
Ahson Aftab joins us today with his first article on ARC.  This is Ahson's 1/48 Academy F-86 Sabre finished off in Pakistan AF markings.  Good job on the barematel finish Ahson....welcome to ARC!!!

Alex Bigey joins us with his 1/72 Mach 2 AJ-2 Savage Alex deserves much credit for finishing this kit and not giving up as he dry fit all the parts.   Well done Alex.

Friday, Dec 12  2003

      Kenya Independence Day  

David Rapasi is here with a stunning 1/48 Tamiya P-51B.  I'm not sure what caught my eye on this one besides the very nice workmanship......maybe the blue paint...or D-Day stripes....but I sure do like it. 

Sergei Galicky has been working off and on for 2 years on his 1/48 KP Su-17M4.  He's from Russia and has done a pile of work to get his SU-17M4  looking just right.  Enjoy!! 

Marlon Guevara joins us from Peru with his 1/72 Intech Mi-2.  Marlon finished off his Mi-2 in  Peruvian Army markings.  Very nice indeed. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 He 111 Pedro "Pencil Noses" Part 1 from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis decals sheet features 2 ealry He-111's with artwork on each plane.

I have a review of the new 1/48F/A-18E VFA-115 OIF Screamin' Eagles from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  this one features 3 different F-18's....all with post 9-11 artwork. 

Stewart Bailey is here with 52 Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless walkaround photos.  This aircraft was dragged from a lake and restored to 1943 specs.  I have more pics I'm processing to put ARC of this aircraft.

Thursday, Dec 11  2003

Kelly Quirk is here with his 1/48 Monogram F-105D Thunderchief.  When I first saw the pics of this one I thought it was the 1/32 kit.  To my surprise this is the old 1/48 Monogram kit....way to go Kelly.  

Aleksandar Šekularac is here with his first article on ARC.....and this is a big feature article about his 1/48 Hobbycraft Polikarpov I-16 Early Type-5.  Lots of work went into this model....enjoy.  Welcome to ARC Aleksandar!!

Hector Alonso is also here for the first time today.  This is Hector's 1/48 Tamiya A1J Skyraider and what a beauty it is.  Welcome to ARC Hector!!! 

Wednesday, Dec 10  2003

  Constitution Day in Thailand 

Mr. Aditep P. joins us from Thailand on this special day with his 1/72 Classic Planes AU-23 Peacemaker.  Aditep finished off his AU-23 in Thai Air Force markings. 

Mr. Apirux is here with his 1/72 Revell Dornier 228 finished in Thailand Navy markings.  Have a Happy Holiday today in Thailand.

Patrick Spitaels is back today with part 2 of his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16N NSAWC.  What can I say except....enjoy. 

Juan Ramon Garcia has combined 3 kits and aftermarket detail items to create his 1/48 kitbash Mirage III CJ.  Amazing he got it finished.  And to think some people complain about kits not fitting well.  ;-)  

I have a review of the 1/72 F/A-18E VFA-14 Tophatters decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  this sheet includes 3 different jets. 

Renaud Mangallon has a  Preview of the 1/72 Sharkit Von Braun EMW A6.  

I'd like to mention a  new Group Build  today.  This one is lead by ARC discussion Forum regulars "Tilt" and Sean Bratton and Colin K.  The theme is Tiger Meet aircraft.  Go to the TMOARC Forum for more info.

Tuesday, Dec 9  2003   
Patrick Spitaels begins our update today with part 1 of his 2 part article on his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16N NSAWC.  This F-16 was built using the Twobobs decal sheet and is built and finished to Patrick's usual high standards.  Part 2 runs tomorrow.

Emad Tabsh is here today with his 1/48 Tamiya Bf-109 E3.  You'll enjoy this one......very nice and subtle weathering.

Kairasp Daruwala is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Kairasp's 1/48 "F-6 III" built from a Chinese model kit.......and finished off in markings for Pakistan's Air Force.  Welcome to ARC Kairasp!!!

Randy Lutz is here with another of his beauty's today.  This is his 1/48 Gavia Lavochkin La-7.  It's good to see WW2 Russian aircraft on ARC. 

I have a review of the 1/72 F/A-18F VFA-41 Black Aces decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation GraphicsThis decal sheet features 3 different aircraft.  It's always good to see more 1/72 releases from Twobobs.

I have a review of the 1/48 and 1/72 F/RF-84G Thunder Jet decal sheet from Hi-Decal Line.  this sheet features on Greek and one French F-84G....both have bright red tails.

As many of you have noticed....late Sunday evening I did some reorganizing of the ARC Discussion Forums.  The main goal of these changes was to make things more organized.

Three new Group Builds were added.  The first one is sponsored by ARC Sponsor CheapestHobbies.com.  This Group build is devoted to 1919 to 1939 Bi-planes and has prizes supplied by CheapestHobbies.com.  For more info go to this link.  I'll talk about the other group builds tomorrow.

Monday, Dec 8  2003    
No update today.....I was unable to finish the update because one of my kids was sick and needed full attention much of the night.  Nothing serious.....but it is impossible to work on ARC and tend to a sick child. 

Sunday, Dec 7  2003

  Pearl Harbor Anniversary 

Today is the 62nd anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.  

Steve Norton would like to present his first article on ARC today.  This is his 1/48th Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair which was an aircraft that played a critical role in the Pacific war against the Japanese.  Steve's Corsair is weathered and includes some very well done paint chipping.  Welcome to ARC Steve!!!

Toby Bird is also here with his first article today.  This is Toby's 1/72 Monogram NB 52A and X 15 which he built the hard way before Cutting Edge released all the Nb-52 goodies.  welcome to ARC Toby!!! 

Saturday, Dec 6  2003

  Finland Independence Day  

David Smigielski begins today's in honour of Finland with his 1/48 Academy MiG-21UM in Finnish markings.  David converted his MiG-21 into a two-seater using the Neomega resin set.  David custom made the tailart and then finished his MiG with weathering to get a realistic look.

Franck Oudin is here with his latest.  This is Franck's 1/32 Hasegawa FW190D-9....done up in the usual high standards we've all come to expect from Franck.  It's always good to see a 1/32 Dora. 

Darius Aibara is here with his 1/48 Falcon Hawker Seahawk FGA-4.  Once again Darius has taken a less than main stream vac-formed kit and turned it into a beauty. 

Jeff Brundt is here with a Preview of the 1/32 Hasegawa F6F3/5 Hellcat.  Jeff has included 7 photos with his inbox preview. 

Friday, Dec 5  2003

Thailand National Day (H.M. The King's Birthday)  

Mr. Apirux is here with his 1/48 Hasegawa F-16A in special Anniversary Royal Thai Airforce markings to honour this special day in Thailand.  Have a close look at the markings on this one....they are quite attractive.

Robert-Jan Willekens has dropped by with his 1/48 Hasegawa/Hobbycraft Vought F4U-4 Corsair.  This is a kit bash between the Hasegawa and Hobbycraft kits with a resin cockpit.  Sounds like it was quite the challenge to build, well worth the effort though, it came out looking great.

I have a review of the 1/72 and 1/48 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon  Royal Thai Air Force "40,000 hours Anniversary F-16's" decals from Siam Scale Decals.  You have the option of building an F-16 A or B or building either of these jets in plain markings.

I have a review of the 1/72 Royal Thai Air Force CH-47D Chinook decals from Siam Scale Decals.  The jungle camo paint scheme on this decal sheet is quite the eye grabber.  You get enough serial #'s to permit you to build one of ten Royal Thai Airforce CH-47D's.

Thursday, Dec 4  2003 

Fancherello has finished his 1/32 Hasegawa 109 G-6.  Fancherello really enjoys building this kit.....he's built a few of these 109's already.  this one is a beauty like all his others.

Mario Serelle is here with his 1/72 Italeri A-10A “Warthog” that he has dedicated to his girlfriend Ana.  What a guy!!!  She is sure to be impressed.

Marlon Guevara has dropped by with his 1/72 Kopro Mi-8.  Marlon chose to finish his Mi-8 in Peruvian Navy markings using custom made decals.  Marlon added lots of details including wiper blades for the windshield.  Always good to see aircraft in markings from different countries. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 He 111 Pedro "Pencil Noses" Part 1 from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis sheet features 4 different early He-111's that served during the Spanish Civil War.

I have a review of Brett Green's new book called "Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 110"This book is published Osprey Publishing and sent to me by Motor Books International.  It covers building 1/48 Bf-110 and includes plenty of info and in-progress photos.  Brett Green is quite the Luftwaffe expert and webmaster of Hyperscale.

Wednesday, Dec 3  2003 

Michael Taylor begins today with his 1/48 Eduard Pup.  This one was built straight out of the box.  It's always good to have a bi-plane on ARC.......variety keeps things interesting. 

Ewart Yong is here with his highly detailed 1/48 Accurate Minatures TBF-1C Avenger.  You'll see it has folded wings and opened up panels......go to Ewart's article and enjoy his Avenger. 

I have a review of the 1/144 NB-52B Mothership "Balls Eight" decal sheet from Cutting Edge ModelworksThis decal sheets features 4 different paint schemes for this one aircraft that carried experimental aircraft such as "lifting Bodies" to launch altitude.

Tuesday, Dec 2  2003

  United Arab Emirates  National Day 

  Laos  Proclamation of the Republic 

Jörgen Toll starts today's update with his 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk. IJörgen has detailed the cockpit and added weathering to the paint scheme.  Always good to see a Spitfire.   

Erickson Ong is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Erickson's 1/72 Italeri F-16C which he had quite the interesting time building.  Welcome to ARC Erickson......I'm glad you sent in your F-16. 

David Rapasi is here with his 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair.  David's Corsair is nicely weathering and has a slight bit of paint chipping.....very nicely done.   

Monday, Dec 1  2003

  Central Africa National Day  

I'm pleased to report I got a huge amount of articles archived during the weekend and I hope to begin archiving articles within 24 hours of them going on ARC.  Thanks for your patience over the weekend.

Eli Raphael of Zotz Decals begins your week with his 1/32 Academy F/A-18C Hornet.  Eli gave his Hornet an amazing weathering job along with folded wings and a full weapons load.  This one has won Eli some awards.....and after you see his Hornet...you'll understand why.  

Darius Aibara has a beautifully done 1/48 Tamiya Douglas A1-H Skyraider with folded wings.  Very nice to see this one.

Joe Youngerman is here with his 1/72 Hasegawa Fw 190F-8.  For markings Joe wanted somethings different, so he went with Hungarian markings.   Well done Joe.

I have a review of the 1/48 Bf-109G Great Gustavs decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  This one features markings for 3 different Luftwaffe Aces, including Erich Hartmann.