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Excellent reference article on the US Army variants of the AH-1 Cobra with loads of photos and line drawings by Scott Snow

1/72 AH1W Cobras by David Campbell

1/48 AH-1W  using Cobra Company's AH-1W update set part 1 of 2 by Dave Roof of Orion Model Accessories 

1/48 Fujimi AH-1G Cobra  by Bob Silva Jr.

Scratch built Cobra (in progress) by Grzegorz Witkowski

1/48 Italeri AH-1W Cobra by Maurizio Bressan 

1/72 Hasegawa AH-1S Cobra by Albert Moore

1/35 MRC AH-1W  “Whiskey” Cobra  by Scott Windjack

1/48 Italeri AH-1Z Viper by Kelly Quirk

1/48 Mongram AH1S by David Campbell

1/48 Fujimi Cobra by Eli Raphael of Zotz Decals  

1/35 MRC AH-1 Whiskey Cobra by Henry Juarez

1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra by Kelly Quirk

1/35 Italeri/Academy AH-1W Super Cobra by Ted Taylor

1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra by Thang Le

1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra by Albert Moore

Israeli Air Force Models by Yoav Efrati

1/35 MRC AH-1W Super Cobra by Max Tollens Jr.

1/35 Academy AH-1W Super Cobra by Graham Symmonds

1/35 Italeri AH-1W Super Cobra by Cornel Porcoteanu

1/35 Italeri/MRC AH-1W  by Kaan Gök

1/72 Hasegawa AH-1S Cobra by Olivier De Menech

1/72 NASA AH-1G by Chuck Holte

1/35 MRC AH-1W Cobra by Malcolm Reid

1/72 Matchbox AH1 Cobra by Tim Groombridge

1/32 Revell AH-1C by Huy Tran

1/72 Italeri AH-1W Super Cobra by Martin Filipović

1/100 Accurate Miniatures AH-1G by Nicolas Hakime Fernandez

1/32 Monogram AH1G Cobra by Charles Johnson

1/48 Italeri AH-1Z Viper by Thang Le

Israel's 59th Independance Day by Yoav Efrati

1/35 MRC/Aademy AH-1W Super Cobra by Vasilij 'Tarner' Ratej

1/35 MRC AH-1W Super Cobra by Fernan De Gannes

1/72 Revell AH-1W Super-Cobra by geedubelyer

1/72 AH-1W Super Cobra by Pablo Angel Herrera

1/32 Revell AH-1G Cobra by Ben Z. Nielsen

1/35 Academy/MRC AH-1W Super Cobra NTS by Douglas K. L. Chan

1/48 Monogram AH1S Cobra by Charles Johnson

1/72 Italeri Bell AH-1T Sea Cobra by Gianni Chirico

1/35 Academy Super Cobra by David Qu

1/48 Monogram AH-1F 'Vivacious Vonnie' by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

1/72 Hasegawa AH-1F by Austin Kennedy

1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra by Jorge Bonilla Alvarado

1/48 Revell IAF Bell AH-1F Cobra by Olaf Sprenger

1/35 Academy AH-1W by Greg Moss

1/48 Revell - Monogram AH-1F Cobra / Tsefa by Gidi Vitkon

1/72 Italeri AH-1W Super Cobra by Prokopis Kroustallis

1/35 Academy AH-1 Super Cobra by Axel Grundmann

1/32 Revell AH-1G Cobra by Angelo M Picardo

1/48 Cobra Diorama by Fred Shammas

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