Homepage Text - August 2004

Tuesday,  Aug 31   2004      Trinidad and Tobago National Day   

  Malaysia National Day      Happy Merdeka  Day  

The guys in Malaysia and lovers of Malaysia aircraft around the world have been busy sending in articles for today's very special update.  Well done everyone.  Sorry today's update is late, but I've finally got the basics of my computer stuff set up at our new address.....I have been busy with the final part of the move the last 2 days and we're now at the point of unpacking.

Brian Param a.k.a Mr B begins this special update with his 1/72 Aeroclub Pilatus PC-7.  A sporty looking little plane in TUDM Malaysian Air Force markings. 

Thomas Ng is here with his 1/72 Supermodel MB339AM.  Thomas's jet trainer is finished off in his model in TUDM Malaysian Air Force markings.  Cool looking camo.

Simon Beck has droped by with 2 articles today.  His first article is his 1/72 Hobbycraft Caribou RMAF which he also finished in TUDM Malaysian Air Force markings.  Good to see a Caribou in TUDM markings.

Efrain Hernandez is here from Mexico to honour friends in Malaysia with his 1/72 Hasegawa TUDM F/A-18D.  Beautiful job on the weathering Efrain.  

Simon Beck is here with his second article today.  This is his 1/72 Airfix RMAF BAe Bulldog 102.  Simon has included some helpful background info about this little plane. 

Victor Yong is here with his informative article called The Royal Malaysian Air Force: What is, might be and never will be.  A big article with lots to see and read. 

Thomas Ng and Brian Param a.k.a Mr B have combined their talents on an article about their 1/72 Matchbox Percival Provosts.  The plane featured in this article has quite the colourful paint scheme as well as the other models in this article. 

Brian Param a.k.a Mr B is also here with his  1/48 Hasegawa S-61 Seaking Royal which he finished in Malaysian Air Force markings.  This Seaking has just the right look in it's detailing. 

TB Tan, Brian Param and Thomas Ng have combined their time to give you their article about the TUDM F-5's....they call this article The Malaysian Tigers

KT Goh has today's second chopper.  This is his 1/48 Fujimi Royal Malaysian Navy Westland Wasp HAS. Mk 1.  I love the look of the landing gear design in this chopper.  Nice one KT.  

Tom Choy squeezed in the last article for today's update.  This is his 1/72 Italeri Northrop F-5E Tiger II done up in a bare metal looking finish for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Here is  a preview of the new 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 TUDM MiG-29N/NUB Fulcrum Decals from Scale Nutz Productions

Saturday,  Aug 28  2004         Polish (Military) Aviation Day  
Friday,  Aug 27   2004                Moldova National Day  
My wife and I are in the process of moving to a different home after 17 years in our current home.  This is causing the updates to be posted later than normal this week.  The movers come Monday for the big furniture, then we can begin settling in to our next home.....finally I will have a room just for model building.  Things will stay busy until I have the work completed on our old home by the end of Sept.

Jesus Ramos has dropped by with his 1/72 Italeri A-4EThis is a beautifully finished Shyhawk tanker with some mild weathering to add realism.  The markings are the colourful "older" USN markings. 

Mirko Meier is here with his 1/48 Revell-Monogram Me-410.  this Me-410 is having one of it's engines services and a crew member rests on the wing which has airstream smeared fluid stains.  Lots of detail to see everywhere on this model. 

Ruud van der Salm is here with his 1/72 Fujimi MiG-21Bis.  This little MiG in colourful markings is finished in Ukrainian markings.  A very clean build for this very popular Eastern Bloc fighter.  Cool to see.

Lloyd Curtis finishes off today's update with his 1/48 Hobbycraft Hurricane MkII C.  This hurricane has chipped paint and exhaust stains and other weathering.  Lloyd goes into some helpful detail about the things he did to his Hurricane.  A very interesting article.

Thursday,  Aug 26   2004                

Bill Lachance fires up today's update with his 1/48 Accurate Miniatures A-36 Apache.  Bill did some extra detailing on this one including using Eduard Photo Etch and toped it all off with excellent interior/exterior painting and some colourful markings.  Bill knows his stuff.   

Raja Bose is here with his 1/48 Revell Mil-24 Hind Gunship which he finished in a striking camo scheme and Indian Airforce markings.  This is definitely an eye catching paint scheme on this Hind and it's good to see Indian markings.

Steve Corvi has dropped by with his 1/72 Hasegawa F11F1 Tiger.  Steve used some Airwaves Photo Etch to spruce up the cockpit and he also rescribed the panel lines and finished it all off with aftermarket decals.  It's good to see a model built of this rare little jet.....nice one Steve. 

Peter Marshall has got his 1/48 T-38 and F-5E/F to show you today.  There's actually a generous variety of jets in Peter's article.....all in Aggressor and interesting  markings and paint schemes.  There's even a tiger scheme one in his article.  Very enjoyable to see....thanks Peter. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 P-38H/J Fork Tailed Beauties Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP Decals.  You get sexy noseart markings for two different P-38's....including one with full D-Day stripes.

Yoav Efrati is here with 1/48 IAF-29 and 1/72 IAF-30 for Israeli Air Force Super Mystere and J-52 re-engined Saar decal sheet from IsraDecal.  It's good to see.

Wednesday,  Aug 25   2004           Uruguay Independence Day  

Haik Martirossian is back today with another of his airliner beauties.  This is his 1/144 Revell "KLM" Boeing 737-800 and he also added working lights to this one as well. 

Catherine Bailey-Murray has joined us today with her first article on ARC.  This is her 1/72 Avro Shackleton which she finished up in SAAF markings.  Not too much text, but the model looks darn fine.  Welcome to ARC Catherine!!!

Peter Doll joins use from Germany with another of his realistic looking jet dioramas.  This is Peter's 1/32 Trumpeter F-105D which he backdated, then added a Black Box cockpit and covered the whole beast in kitchen foil.  Quite the job, but well worth it. 

Hal (P-47fan) Marshman, Sr. is here with a 1/48 Hasegawa P-47D-25 in Brazilian markings.  Hal did a fair bit of extra detailing to his P-47, which you'll read about in his article.  Hal's a master at P-47's.

Tuesday,  Aug 24   2004               Ukraine National Day  

Bruce Bell is home from the recent IPMS USA National Convention 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona and he has sent in 187 photos to give you an idea of some of the models that were at the show. 

Today is the Ukraine National Day and from Pro Resin in the Ukraine I have a review of the 1/72 Wright-Martin (Loening) M-8 resin multi-media model kit.

Omar Quintero joins us with his 1/48 Italeri F-16A which he finished in FAV Grupo 16 20th Anniversary tail markings.  This has got to be one of the more interesting camo schemes on an F-16. 

Andy Gudbergsson has dropped by the ARC Corporate Offices with his 1/48 Promodeler BF-110 G.  Andy built this one out of the box.....which considering this kit.....gives you a beautifully detailed model.  I love the exhaust stains on the tops of the wings. 

Scott Vomacka has completed a very difficult fitting kit.  Here is his 1/72 Testors B-2 Spirit which he detailed with some scratchbuilt details and Eduard photo-etch. 

Anthony Manzoli is here with his pink 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 PRU.  Anthony is well known for his skill and thisa Spitfire is no exception. 

I have a review of the new 1/32 P-38J Fork Tailed Beauties Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsThis sheet features Dick Bongs famous P-38 "Marge".

Monday,  Aug 23   2004  

Chaz Nims begins your week with his 1/48 Tamiya P-51D.  Chaz is no stranger to the hobby and his attention to detail on his Mustang is sure to please.  Have a look at the scratchbuilt spring for the antenna wire. 

Antonio Segovia Rentería is here from Chile with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/72 Heller F-5E Chilean Aggressor that he recently finished.  Antonio goes into details about modifications made to his good looking F-5. 

Bill Weber has dropped by with his 1/72 DML P-61B 'Lady of the Night'.  This particular night fighter was stationed on Iwo Jima in 1945.  Good looking model Bill......the P-61 is one model I look forward to building one day. 

Erkin Bora is here with his first article on ARC.  I'm pleased to see his 1/144 Minicraft Alaska Airlines B737-400 Disneyland Scheme on ARC.  My 6 year old daughter enjoy the paint scheme (decals) quite a bit. 

Zoltán "neu" Pócza is here with what I consider to be a very useful and easy to do technique about Sanding intake trunks and other difficult areas.  You all know "neu" from the ARC Discussion forums....so enjoy his article. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 P-47D Beautiful Jugs Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsThis sheet features 2 different P-47D's with sexy/nudie artwork.  You have your pick of Razorback of Bubbletop P-47's on this sheet.

I have a review of the new 1/32 F-18C/D Thunderbolts and Vikings OIF decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics

Yoav Efrati is here with a review of the 1/48 IAF-31 and 1/72 IAF-32 for Israeli Air Force Mystere IV decal sheets  from IsraDecal 

Sunday,  Aug 22   2004                    Happy Birthday to Chris Hughes!!!

Shaun Bowman-Davies is here with an article I forgot to run yesterday (sorry Shaun).  Aug 21st marks 30 years of British Aerospace Hawks and Shaun has an article packed with all his Hawk models.  Quite a tribute to this special little aircraft!!! 

Friday,  Aug 20   2004             Hungary National Day  

Andy Stark kicks off today's update with his first article on ARC.  This is Andy's 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Mk1 which he gave a serious weathering job to....he expalins some of his weathering techniques in his article.

Michael (Madmike) Johnson has dropped by with his 1/72 Matchbox Grumman F9F-4/5 Panther.  Mike goes into terrific detail about the lovely little panther in his well written article. 

Darius Aibara is here with a  feature article about his 1/48 Aeroclub DH 89 Dragon Rapide.  Darius has included some in-progress photos about the building process as well as a highky detailed article about this B-Plane. 

Ray Hamel is here with his first article on ARC.  This is Ray's very creative 1/48 Marine Corps A-Wing.  No doubt about it....this is one very cool aircraft.  Welcome to ARC Ray.  

Thomas Goelff  is here with some photos of the recent Reims Air Show 2004 

Thursday,  Aug 19   2004  

Simon Wallis begins today's update with his 1/48 Hasegawa/Aztec A-4Q Skyhawk.  Simon's article deals with the Falklands War is is sure to generate much interest in folks on both sides of this conflict.  

Dan Duna is here with his gem of a model.....his 1/72 Roden Fokker E.V/D.VIII.  This is one very colourful little model. 

Sören Bartusch is here with his 1/32 Academy F/A-18C "Hornet" diorama......I can only imagine how big this diorama is.......and is it ever impressively done.  You jet guys are sure to grin when you see this one.  

Alex Bigey has a massive feature article on his 1/144 VLE Models WIBAULT-PENHOËT 283T-12.  This is a tiny little model.....but you'd never know that by looking at the detail pictures of it.....Alex did  asplendid job on it. 

I have a review of the new 1/48 P-47 Beautiful Jugs Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsThis sheet features 3 different P-47's with sexy noseart.

I have a review of the new 1/48 CDN T-33 "Silver Shark" Special decal sheet from Leading Edge Models

Wednesday,  Aug 18   2004    Afghanistan Independence Day  

Adam Cobb (Fall Weiss) is here today with his first article on ARC.  This is Adam's article about his 1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M5c (Zeke).  Andrew has an amazing technique involving salt to get his peeling paint effect.  Welcome to ARC Adam!!!

Marlon Guevara is here with his 1/72 Italeri F-5E which he finished in Mexican Air Force markings.  Marlon goes into some detail about his model and the Mexican Air force.  Good to see a Mexican F-5. 

Ivan Rich is here with his first article on ARC today.  This is Ivan's 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Bubbletop.  Ivan chipped and weathered his P-47 and added a weapons load.  An impressively well done P-47.  Welcome to ARC Ivan!!! 

Tuesday,  Aug 17   2004     Gabon Independence Day    Indonesia Independence Day 

Alexander Sidharta begins today's special Indonesian update with his 1/72 Fujimi Indonesian Air Force Avon Sabre CA-27 Mk.32.  Alex finished off his colourful and beautifully built Sabre in Indonesian markings. 

Iwan Winarta is here with his article he titled Strangers in the Motherland.  Iwan focuses on three foreign airforces that operated in Indonesia.  In his article he features his 1/72 P-40, 1/72 Ki-46, 1/72 Spitfire.  It's a nice selection of well built models with interesting article as well. 

Arie Kurniawan is here with his fiorst article on ARC.  This is his 1/48 Academy Su-27 Flanker that he finished up in Indonesian markings.  Very nice Arie....welcome to ARC!!! 

I have a review of the new 1/48 P-51D Pretty Fillies Part 2 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsThis decal sheet features 2 different P-51's with sexy noseart.

Monday,  Aug 16   2004        No update today.  We've just completed 2 days of driving to return home from our family vacation in Calgary.  I've got to rest for a day. 
Sunday,  Aug 15   2004         Republic of Korea  National Day   

 Congo National Day        India Independence Day  

Rupesh Santoshi starts today's special update honouring India with his 1/72 Matchbox Mig-21 bis.  Rupesh finished his Mig-21 in Indian Air Force markings.

Murli Rajan is here today with his 1/72 Zvezda Sukhoi 30India is getting the Su-30 and Murli couldn't resist building one in Indian air force markings and presenting it for your enjoyment on India's Independence day.

Shekar K Rao is here from India with his 1/72 Italeri Mig 29.  Shekar did his Mig in a special Indian Air Force Aggressor paint scheme and once you see the pictures of the top of the plane you will be amazed how colourful this model is.

Murli Rajan finishes up today's special update with his 1/72 Airfix Mirage 2000.  Murli finished his Mirage 2000 in an attractive camo schmeme and Indian Air Force markings. 

Saturday,  Aug 14  2004          Pakistan Independence Day  

Haroon begins this special update devoted to Pakistan with his 1/48 Pakistan AF Mk-VI SabreThis F-86 is circa 1971 and his article includes some interesting history about the F-86 is Pakistani service.  Sabre's look good in all markings.

Kairasp Daruwala is here from Pakistan with his 1/48 Aero Product Su-25 "Frog Foot".  I'm pleased Kairasp was able to join in on today's special update.  

Haroon is also here with his 1/72 Eastern Express and Novo Supermarine Attacker.  Haroon has again included history as well as info about the kitbashing involved to create his Supermarine Attacker. 

Kairasp Daruwala has his second contribution from Pakistan today.  This is his 1/48 ESCI F-104 Starfighter.  A fine example of the F-104 using the ESCI kit. 

Mustafa Ahmed Aziz joins use with his F-6 (Pakistan) walkaround photos from Pakistan

Mustafa Ahmed Aziz is here from Pakistan with some F-6 (Pakistan) flightline photos. 

Friday,  Aug 13  2004   

Mario Alberto Fernández is here with part 2 of his 1/48 Italeri F/A-18E Part 2 Super Hornet.  This particular Superbug has had plenty of effort put into it and the finished model show it. 

Chris Novak is here with his 1/32 Revell P-47D cutaway.  Ch4ris is well known for his cutaway fighters and his P-47 is not only a beautifully done BMF P-47.....but the exposed engine detail is quite well done. 

I have a review of the new 1/72 USN VX-30 'Bloodhounds' QF-4S decal sheet from Model Alliance Group.  

Thursday,  Aug 12  2004   

Richard “RJ” Tucker is here to kick things off today with the third and final part of his 1/72 Korean Corsairs.  RJ has gone into some very good detail and I think this article will greatly help anyone considering the same project.

Bob Bartolacci is here with his 1/32 Trumpeter F-105G in SEA camo.  Bob includes some history and background on the 105 and also points out some areas of concern and fixes for building this 105 model.  The finished model is a beaut. 

Bill Weber has dropped by with his very well done 1/48 Tamiya P-51B Mustang.  Bill built this one OOB and  used markings for one of the more famous P-51's 

Hajo Lippke drops by today with his 1/72 Italeri MH-60K Nighthawk.  Hajo has added detail and goes into this in very well written detail in his article.  The finished Nighthawk is one impressive weapons platform model. 

I have a review of the new 1/72 RAF Eurofighter Typhoon T1 decal sheet from Model Alliance GroupThis sheet also comes in 1/48 and permits you to build an operational Eurofighters.

Wednesday,  Aug 11  2004                 Chad Independence Day  

CL Kwek is here with an article that should have run on ARC on Monday for the Singapore National day, but I was unable to get it on ARC that day.  This is his 1/200 Hasegawa A320 done up in a Tiger airways scheme.  The decals are custom printed ALPS decals.  Nice one Kwek. 

Philip Koh is here with his Singapore National day article that unfortunately didn't make the Monday update.  This is his 1/72 Northrop RF-5E Tigereye done up in RSAF markings....which are always good to see. 

Richard “RJ” Tucker has dropped by the ARC corporate Offices with Part II of his 1/72 Korean Corsairs.  RJ has a writing style I quite enjoy, so whenever his article appear on ARC.....it is a special event. 

Stephen Murray is here with his 1/72 Heller C-160Z Transall.  Stephen finished his Transall in a jungle camo and SAAF markings.  He's also provided some good info on building this aircraft from the Heller kit.  An interesting aircraft and neat to see. 

The 2004 Rocky Mountain Model Club had their 10th Annual Contest and Show which they called “10 Years of Bashing Plastic”.  Tom Calbury shot some photos to give you an idea of the variety of outstanding models and Massimo Santarossa added some text to explain the show better .  Calgary is quite the modelling town with 2 excellent clubs and 2 annual contests....plus many fine hobby shops. 

Tuesday,  Aug 10  2004      Ecuador Independence Day  

No update today.....I was busy all Monday enjoying family summertime activities.

Monday,  Aug 9  2004      Singapore National Day  

Leslie Choy begins this special Singapore update with his 1/72 Planet Models Siai Marchetti S211.  This is a resin model and Leslie has provided some in-progress photos.   Check out the cockpit detail.  

David W. Theriault is here with his out of the box 1/32 Hasegawa F6F-3/5 Hellcat.  A good looking model of this famous WW2 fighter.  I enjoyed the wing gun detail. 

I have a review of the 1/48 RSAF F-16C/D Fighting Osprey decal sheet from Scale Nutz.  This decal sheet features Singapre F-16C/D's.

I have a review of the 1/48  RSAF F-16C/D Night Phoenix decal sheet from Scale Nutz.  This decal sheet features Singapre F-16C/D's.

I have a review of the 1/72 RSAF F-16C/D Fighting Osprey decal sheet from  Scale Nutz.  This decal sheet features Singapre F-16C/D's.

I have a review of the 1/72  RSAF F-16C/D Night Phoenix decal sheet from  Scale Nutz.  This decal sheet features Singapre F-16C/D's.

Saturday,  Aug 7  2004                   Cote d'lvoire National Day   
I will be dropping weekend updates until Sept.  This is to free up badly needed time to focus on other work on ARC as well as to free up some time for my kids during the summer months.  I will continue to update the TPC on Saturday and Sunday.
Friday,  Aug 6  2004                   Bolivia Independence Day   

Richard “RJ” Tucker is here with part 1 of his 1/72 Korean Corsairs article.  RJ goes into very good detail in his 3 part article detailing building his Korean Corsairs.  Nice one RJ. 

Simon Wallis has dropped by with his 1/48 Eduard Bell X-1Simon looks at the Bell X-1 story from the British perspective and includes some info and pictures of British designs for the possible sound barrier contenders. 

Bernd Korte has sent in an article about his 1/72 Classic Plane Extra 300.  Bernd has included plenty of info about building his colourful little plane

I have a review of the 1/48 AV-8B NA/Super OIF Harriers decal sheet from Two Bobs Aviation Graphics.  If you like Harriers.....you should check out this sheet.

Stewart Bailey is here with part 2 of his P-39Q walkaround.

Thursday,  Aug 5  2004             Jamaica National Day  

  Croatian Victory Day (similar to a Thanksgiving Day)  

Malcolm Reid is here to get things going with his 1/48 Italeri/ESCI Mirage F1AZ.  Malcolm has provided some excellent background about these aircraft as flown by the SAAF.  Excellent looking Mirage Malcolm.   

Benny Attar joins us with his 1/72 Italeri Grumman F6F Hellcat.  Benny is recovering from a eye injury and this is his first model since his eye problems.  Darn fine looking Hellcat Benny. 

Fred Harris is here with his first article on ARC.  This is his 1/72 Heller RAAF VIP Boeing BBJ 737.   It's always a pleasure to see airliner models on ARC.....and an Australian airline at that.  Welcome to ARC Fred!!!

Thomas Neuss joins us with his big and well  detailed 1/35 Panda UH-1N USMC.  Thomas did some scratch building to get the detail he wanted.  The finished model is beautiful.

I'm excited to announce the first review of the new 1/48 P-51D Pretty Fillies Part 1 decal sheet from PYN-UP DecalsIf you like sexy nose art........this limited production decal line is for you.

I have a review of the 1/72 CDN T-33 "Silver Shark" Special decal sheet from Leading Edge Models.  This is a very sharp looking T-33.

Stewart Bailey is here with part 1 of his P-39Q  Walk Around, part 2 runs tomorrow.

Wednesday,  Aug 3  2004    

Alfredo Caffarelli begins today with his first article on ARC.  This is his heavily modified 1/48 Monogram B-17.  He calls his diorama Crashed Giant and it is quite the amazing piece of work.  Welcome to ARC Alfredo!!!

Alex Sidharta joins us with 1/72 Hasegawa F-105D Thunderchief.   Alex used a decals sheet from Albatros with sexy noseart to his beautifully done bare metal F-105.  I particularly enjoyed how the panel lines turned out.

Pete Hudson (Dr Fester) joins us with his  1/48 Airfix Seafire FR47.  This Korean War bird comes fully detailed and weathered with a full weapons load.  A fantastic model of a fantastic kit.

Daniel PerezVertti is here with something different today.  This is his 1/72 ESCI F-5A & F-5B with the Botswana Defence Force.  These are ex-Canadian birds.  Nice one Daniel......the airbrushing looks perfect.

Tuesday,  Aug 3  2004    

Bob Aikens is here with his 1/72 Dragon Su-24M Fencer D.   Enjoy this one....Bob did one sweet job on it. 

Everett McEwan has sent in a feature article about his 1/48 Monogram F-5F.  Everett has included a good selection of photos as well as good detail about building his Killer looking F-5.

Mike Wood has done a wonderful job on his 1/48 Monogram B-24J Liberator.  Mike build his bare metal B-24 and finished it in the markings for Dragon and his Tail.

Andreas 'Goggo' Gordes is here with his first artcle on ARC today.  This is Andreas's article about 1/48 Tamiya Luftwaffe vehicles.  Interesting selection of vehicles Andreas.  Welcome to ARC!!! 

Monday,  Aug 2  2004    

Darius Aibara gets your week started with A Pair of Huns.  Both of the models featured in his article are the 1/48 Monogram F-100.  One in a BMF and the other in SEA camo.  Enjoy. 

Anthony Manzoli is here with his latest.  This is his 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109K-4 which operated in Malpensa Italy in 1945.  Anthony has a wonderful talent as you can see in his 109.  

Colin Whitehouse is here with his 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer (an today's TPC pic).  His Buccaneer is posed in a diorama.....very cool looking diorama. 

Konley Kelley is here with his latest artwork.  This is his Battle of Britain featuring his 1/48 Academy Hurricane Mk.I and 1/72 Matchbox He-111.  Very well done. 

Frank Crenshaw has sent in a Masking Canopies with Parafilm article for the Tools 'n' Tips section. 

Sunday,  Aug 1  2004               Benin Independence Day  

  Switzerland -- Foundation of the Swiss Confederation